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Maiar DEX: Metabonding Claim + Thoughts About BTC, EGLD, ZPAY (Video Was Before Today's PUMP!!!!!!!)

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WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only.

*Do not follow anything I do without understanding the implications of what you are doing.

*Please always do your own research.

*Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Do not gamble away money that you need for rent, mortgage, food, wine or beer.

*Trading crypto can cause your partner to leave you and will almost certainly cause premature aging and insomnia.

*Talking about crypto all the time in the pub may cause your friends to think you are a weirdo and they probably will stop inviting you to drink with them ever again.

*If you lose money, it’s not my fault.

*If you become filthy rich, buy a supercar and move to a luxury penthouse apartment in Dubai, it’s not my fault either.

*Hanging about at yacht parties with bikini-clad girls can also cause premature aging – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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  1. You’re doing really well watching you harvest 10mil makes me so jealous I wasn’t as early. Keep going zpay is gonna make it!

  2. Great vids bro…what is your opinion about mex token? Why do you think that they dont do or say much about that

  3. I left metabonding for now, the rewards are still really low. I opted to create more EGLD-MEX LP and farm LKMEX as long as the farms are still profitable. Hopefully it will pay out in a few years when LKMEX will have more utility in the ecosystem. Great vid as always. Cheers, mate! 🍻

  4. You <,are so right, great insight! I institute investing some years back and read all the old backward-looking rules. Turns out, above primitive analysis of a business, human ardour drives the stock market and always has, its just evolving, in no small part, as you point out, because of social media causing extreme polarization. The reality is that crypto/stock market is one of the toughest mental games in the world. Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments. Financial management is a crucial topic that most tend to shy away from, and ends up haunting them in the near future. Putting our time and effort in activities and investments that will yield a profitable return in the future is what we should be aiming for. We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing, the market is so volatile now to be depending on the bull run to make a profit or investing without guidance, I advise everyone never to stop investing, never to stop improving, never to stop doing something new and to trade now with an Advisory who has a great experience. Taking this decision some months back has been my best decision so far, i have been able to day trade my crypto assets and increased my portfolio holdings to atop 12.05 BTC in profits with an elementary of 1.09 BTC with trade signal tips and guidance from my Investment Advisor Mrs. Robin Moore. I am able to scale through the demented stock/crypto deterioration and saved my investment. You all in search of a way to recover your loses from the crash and accumulate more profits can reach out to her for crypto investment and for profitable trading system or mentorship. This is one of the best approach to support your assets incase it goes rough.>ͲeIєɠɾαm @moorerobin OR What'sapp +12132627458 For more crypto investment ideas ..

  5. I feel you man. I got into crypto last year and my portfolio is way down. Still hoping things will get better. Thanks for making content even during these difficult times.

  6. Your more frequent uploads have made this my go to channel for news with a splash of entertainment at the start.. Keep it up!!! A lot has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Bryan Anderson got me covered as I am comfortably making 13.1B T C monthly..

  7. the mex/egld farm is a low maintenance farm i still like and has good kickback. I dont buy anything else now. will continue to buy in this down market until it starts pumping crazy or when the apr is like 20%

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