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Maiar DEX: Metabonding Claim + Thoughts About The Future Of The Maiar DEX / xExchange & LKMEX/MEX V2

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WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only.

*Do not follow anything I do without understanding the implications of what you are doing.

*Please always do your own research.

*Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Do not gamble away money that you need for rent, mortgage, food, wine or beer.

*Trading crypto can cause your partner to leave you and will almost certainly cause premature aging and insomnia.

*Talking about crypto all the time in the pub may cause your friends to think you are a weirdo and they probably will stop inviting you to drink with them ever again.

*If you lose money, it’s not my fault.

*If you become filthy rich, buy a supercar and move to a luxury penthouse apartment in Dubai, it’s not my fault either.

*Hanging about at yacht parties with bikini-clad girls can also cause premature aging – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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  1. Well hello again… I think MEX is a dissaster….for more tha a year now its going down and down….if you think of it, it makes sense. They cant give you free money. But they can take your locked money simply by giving you something which is locked for a year and that something has lost almost 99% of its price…I wish one day i ll get the money i ve spend in mex back. Anyway whats going on with the mex/lkmex farm? i didnt get it

  2. The best outcome would be zero inflation for Mex but this won’t happen for 8 years. So expect a significant haircut till then. Our only saviour will be the next btc bull run. But as far as Mex 2.0 goes we can expect it to loose serious value. Because of this I will not be energising all or any of my current LKMEX . Instead I will be selling Mex once it unlocks each month over the next year. I will be swoping this to EGLD to then combine with LKMEX to generate more lp tokens in the EGLD/LKMEX farm. Any new LKMEX rewards will harvest & then energise just these up to the 4 years to gain max benefits.

    So in summary I want to maximise EGLD as first priority. Then secondly increase lp tokens . Third energise to 4 years any new LKMEX rewards.

  3. its so complicated with the new system. Locking up tokens for 4 years and having such large penalties for unlocking seems very unfair. Not sure I am a fan.

  4. sell it all and buy a crypto that you actually believe in, because you clearly do not believe in mex – and why would you? where is multiverseX going …..nowhere. Buy something that is going somewhere. Many coins will destroy mex in ROI. Revisit this ecosystem later. You could sell your 1.3 bill LKMEX for 20k. If you had 20k, would you buy LKMEX with it? Be honest. If the answer is no. You should sell it now. Do not fall to the sunken cost fallacy. I say this as a fellow Brit, who was there when it all started in November last year, I remember it well.

  5. The farm stake mex/lkmex will not be available anymore, right?
    I read that only the LPs will remain

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