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Make 195% STAKING STABLE Coins on MIMAS Finance on Cronos Chain (CRO)

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Take advantage of MIMAS Finance on Cronos Chain to earn 195% passive stable staking. MIMAS FINANCE is a great platform for a passive income opportunity for a lending and borrowing with a huge return for safe stable coin staking.

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In this video I show how I use this Defi lending and borrowing app to to loop my initial $3,500 investment to 3x over $10,000. This way I can make the 60% return on $10,000 rather than just the $3,500.

This video will show you how I borrow and lend USDT to USDC with MIMAS Finance. This a very easy guide for you to start with.

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0:00 Into to Cronos Chain
1:21 Intro to Mimas
3:40 USDT to USDC Conversion with MIMAS
06:46 Open Ocean Finance description
07:33 USDT to USDC Swap
10:23 MIMAS process
12:26 USDC deposit
19:35 Summary

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  1. Dude too much complaining about the fees. Cronos chain has the best farming rewards which more than makeup for the fees. Bragging about cheaper fees on Polygon, Fantom, and others don't make sense when the farming opportunities and tokenomics on those farms are horrendous right now. Takes a little money to make a lot of money on Cronos. On other chains, it takes a whole lot less money to then actually lose money (or make almost nothing at best). Which one makes the most sense? I do thank you though for showing me that little calculator trick in the browser URL field. 馃檪

  2. <<<Nice video I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment

  3. Hey mate. Great video. How long are you borrowing for? And are those returns locked, or will they vary? Thanks

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