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I won’t stop till I hear him say So if this is a Visa PDF why are fundamentals like this coming out to the mainstream again you have to understand that these fundamentals that the retail herd reads majority of the time are meant to distract and manipulate you into shaking you out of this space okay what is going

On everybody welcome back to another cyberx video breakdown this is going to be video part two of the first Alchemy pay video that we released on the Cypress YouTube just the other day with that being said in today’s video breakdown we’re going to be talking about Partnerships the vision that

Alchemy pay holds via the long-term perspective of this cryptocurrency Market space if you all enjoy video breakdowns like this make sure that you smash that Thumbs Up Button going down the Rival hole for you all make sure that you are subscribed to the YouTube channel we do appreciate the love and

The support thank you so much for returning back to the Cypress YouTube without further Ado sit back relax and enjoy the rest of the video breakdown from video part one that we displayed to you guys yesterday this is a continuation video video part two of alchemy Pig going down the rabbit hole

As always make sure that you all are doing your own research we are not constituting any Financial advice we’re not telling you guys to go out and buy Alchemy or ACH with that being said take it upon yourself to do your own intuitive in-depth research This Is Us

Here at cyprex just providing research that we found that you all can take it upon yourself to go do yourselves as always be constant be aware and I’ll see you guys in the next video breakdown so sit back relax and enjoy the rest of this video clip um so let’s get into

This video break down real fast when I posted on the Twitter space the CEO of Visa saying if we can make it all 100 digital then payments will be faster cheaper and more efficient okay while also he sits across from the Stellar organization partner and right in front

Of the circle CEO at the 2023 Davos meeting right so just take a second and listen for those of you individuals who haven’t heard this statement from the Visa CEO because this is going to tie into some manipulative fundamentals that have come out in recent um days and then also connect us to

Alchemy pay okay you have to convince them sometimes that these services are safe and in fact the fact of that when they might have uh you know when you’re talking about money period you know trust is a big factor whether it’s digital or or cash

One of the things that we believe has to happen with remittances is that we need to move them so that they’re 100 digital from the point of uh somebody initiating into the version of the person receiving it that number was only three percent were totally digital five years ago and

It’s only 13 now meaning the other 87 of the time somebody’s got to get cash into the cash either comes into somebody or cash is given out at the back end of it if we can make it all digital it’ll be faster it’ll be more efficient and it will help

Create the these access at the other end for the receiver so okay so that was a massive statement by the Visa card CEO and remember okay Alchemy pay provides the world’s most adaptive crypto payment infrastructure and what did they do okay coming over here to the white paper

They are attempting to bridge the gap between crypto and Fiat payment systems and you just heard the Visa CEO say that and remember that was that video is from 2023 the Davos meeting that only 13 percent of the world is digitized right now 13 of payments that leaves 86 percent still to be

Transferred over to this digital ecosystem okay this digital way of doing things distributed alerts technology cryptocurrency blockchain technology okay you get the gist right so interestingly enough on the website I’m sure that there’s other influencers that have covered this but Visa is one of their Partners okay Visa we see MasterCard we

See Google pay Apple pay we see some major banking institutions like HSBC Santander okay Starling Bank NatWest all right so massive Partnerships and connections across the board but today we’re going to be focusing on Visa specifically because of what the Visa CEO said so this fundamental came out January 15

2023 Visa lists Alchemy pay as an official service provider it goes on to say a little highlight acting as the connecting bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrency Alchemy pay is currently able to process Fiat payments to purchase cryptocurrencies for Visa card holders and 173 countries

Alchemy pay is a partner of Visa the CEO of Visa is saying that only 13 percent of the Global Financial economy is digital right now that is massive surrounding what is coming for the future of the cryptocurrency space all right it’s literally mind-blowing how early we are now just to solidify

How early we are in that Visa is still heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space surrounding some recent fundamentals that have come out like this one again to manipulate the masses these Elite individuals do you realistically think and I’ve been talking about this for the longest time they know they freaking know what is

About to happen it’s okay let me put it to you this way if they did not know what is about to happen then they are ignorant to the fact the fact that they do know and that they are misleading the general public is and my personal opinion should be a crime

That they’re not allowing individuals to capitalize on this life-changing wealth that we’re about to experience this transition and they’re not telling people about it and instead they’re writing articles like this okay this article came out on the first of March 2023 Visa Mastercard pauses crypto push

In the wake of an industry meltdown no they did not no they did not then following this article comes out right after Visa executive says payments giant is not backing away from crypto despite recent reports so do you see how they manipulate the minds of the masses in in these fundamentals because individuals

Are not going to sit there do you see how many tabs I have open right now they’re not going to sit there and do this type of research 90 of individuals like you guys assault the numbers from outcome you pay saying 96 of individuals have still not adopted cryptocurrency right

The Visa card CEO saying that 13 of the world right now is digital the Bain and Company website saying that we are early okay you have to pay attention to detail and not get manipulated so let’s just go over these last two fundamentals this is

A Visa PDF right here and it says car payments are the primary funding and method of cryptocurrency again what is Alchemy pay they are attempting to bridge the gap between crypto and Fiat payment systems for who Enterprises institutions and governments regardless of the location or wealth right so that’s a massive connection again

Because Visa is a partner of alchemy pay it goes on to say cryptocurrency owners let me zoom in on this a little bit so you guys can see cryptocurrency owners select payments options that are fast and convenient when funding or withdrawing Fiat money from their cryptocurrency accounts again

Alchemy pay is attempting to bridge the gap between crypto and Fiat and Visa again who is a partner balcony pay is literally telling you right here that core payments are the primary funding method for cryptocurrency that’s massive as such car payments particularly debit cards are the most popular funding

Mechanisms among owners and are preferred for their speed and ease Right Moving on this is another Visa card or a Visa Excuse Me PDF it says What If Money became fully electronic right when the CEO of Visa literally said that they are attempting to digitize Everything 100 of the Global Financial economy

60 years ago this simply yet bold question led to the founding of Visa today billions of people across the world are familiar with the VISA brand we tap to pay for meals purchases groceries with a click and send money seamlessly and securely across borders and time zones

There have never been more ways to pay and be paid digitally yet 18 trillion dollars of United States dollars in cash and checks still chain hands change hands annually so there’s a number there’s another trillion dollar number right there and again what did the vsip just tell you that they are attempting

To go 100 digital so I don’t know if you don’t believe in 300 trillion dollars maybe you can believe in 18 trillion dollars which again stemming back to the Bain and Company individual Richard Walker saying that 16 trillion dollars is peanuts okay it says right here given the potential of digital currencies to

Extend the value of digital payments to a greater number of people and places we want to help shape and support the role it plays in the future of money so if this is a Visa PDF why are fundamentals like this coming out to the mainstream again you have to understand that these

Fundamentals that the retail herd reads majority of the time are meant to distract and manipulate you into shaking you out of this space okay hold strong understand the value that you’re investing in and understand how long tokenizing 327 I believe it was trillion dollars is going to take it’s not going to be

Some freaking flip the switch bullcrap that these influencers and YouTubers make it out to be right you’re going to put your money into this project and it’s just gonna freaking blow up tomorrow when it does happen it’s going to seem that way but for individuals like us who have been early involved in

This market space it’s going to be a headache there’s going to be regulatory uh scrutiny there’s going to be up and down fluctuations and those are all things as an investor investing in this asset class that’s up and coming you are going to have to deal with so mentally

Prepare yourself ahead of the curve before you even put money into this Market I cannot stress enough okay so Alchemy pay currently operating right now at three cents roughly around three cents down for the day two and a quarter percent okay but if we scroll down here

I personally don’t invest my money into cryptocurrency assets unless they are over 80 discounted well here you can see the all-time high listed on coin market cap of alchemy pay is 19 cents that is currently down 84 from its all-time high I’m not going to dump an unprecedented

Amount of capital into Alchemy pay I’m going to secure a bag because it is currently 84 down from its all-time high for me seeing the value that accla may pay potentially has to revolutionize tokenizing assets tokenizing Securities and bonds the connections that it has via all the Partnerships that it’s already

Established the vision that it has in the future for the long-term valuation of this cryptocurrency digital asset class I’m going to put my money in Taco me pay I’m just letting you guys know being transparent with you all this is not Financial advice this is my opening

Statement I will dig a little bit further on ACH and continue to do research on this project I’ve told you guys in the past that I was looking to add another couple of cryptocurrency assets to my basket of assets to my egg nest right and ACH has now uh intrigued me so

Blessings to you guys hope that you guys enjoyed this video breakdown again this is me just being transparent with you all my my followers my community I’m showing you guys why it is that I’m putting money into ACH so shout out to you Khalid for uh opening the door

For this crypto project for me and uh hopefully it uh you know and it influences you guys to take it upon yourself to do research and if you’re not going to you know doing this type of research shows you how in depth via other crypto projects you can do

Research on like don’t just read the white paper like connect things open other fundamentals highlight things right use the internet to your advantage to Enlighten yourself on what’s about to happen via our financial ecosystem okay blessings to you guys I hope you enjoyed this video breakdown sorry that it was a little bit

Of a longer one but I had a lot to say so I’ll see you guys everybody take it easy I won’t stop till I hear him say Foreign




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