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Matt West: The Scientist, Yearn Developer, and DeFi Degen Running For Congress

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Matt West is a scientist, former Yearn developer, and now Congressional candidate. We discuss why he’s running for the U.S. House, thoughts on the state of crypto regulation, and how he intends to improve regulation surrounding blockchain crypto, and the economy of the future.

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Show Notes:
(00:00:00) – Introduction and Matt’s background.
(00:02:46) – Matt’s journey in crypto.
(00:11:08) – Having conversations about frontier tech.
(00:16:57) – What crypto enables for the masses.
(00:21:08) – Crypto pain points that hinder adoption.
(00:29:20) – Matt’s playbook for crypto in congress.
(00:37:13) – Thoughts on DAOs.
(00:41:30) – Closing.

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