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Media's crypto pump: Bankman-Fried and FTX collapse | Media Watch

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0:00 – Fugitive found (again)

A British tabloid claims an old age pensioner living in a Brisbane monastery is Lord Lucan, the London aristocrat wanted for a 1974 murder.

4:42 – FTX crypto crash

Spruiked by sports stars and hailed by the media, FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried go bust, owing billions of dollars.

11:09 – Murdoch dumps Trump

Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post mocks Donald Trump with ‘TRUMPTY DUMPTY’ front page following US midterm elections.

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  1. FTX was a major contributor to the democratic party. A money laundering scam. the billions given to Ukraine was siphoned to FTX which in turn ended up with the democratic party.

  2. When did all of the US news anchors get replaced with kiwis and limey twats?
    Up with Tom Brokaw, down with Noah Trevor!

  3. Sam Bankman, FTX and any other thing crypto related entity out there are just there to fleece people. Found this out when I lost almost all my money in the Luna crash and I have just been proven right. The sooner people realize this, the better for us all. People are saying it should be regulated, I am of the opinion that it should be completely banned.

  4. Why are you conflating FTX with other crypto currencies? The main story is FTX’s connection with the democrats and Ukraine with the possibility of collusion/money laundering/ political corruption. It’s like going to a car accident scene caused by a drunk driver and doing a story about cars being dangerous. ABC treating its viewers like children again.

  5. The crypto report i consider a fail of media watch. The opinion comments mentioned at the end did not consider why FTX crashed, it could be simply summed up as "it failed because it is a cyptocurrency". If you're going to create an opinion here, then surely you should mention the debts FTX accrued building its own brand and image, not just leaving us with essentially "hue hue crypto-fail". An ill-considered surface report that was just another shade of the typical media it watches.

  6. DeSantis "won" thanks to gerrymandering. Rewriting the districts to get the results you want. He better do it before it gets illegal. DeSantis is the next DiSaster for USA, if you like democracy and not dictatorship.

  7. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much Mrs. Karen Cosmann

  8. I feel no sadness for people who lost on crypto. If you can’t see a blatant pyramid scheme scam than 😏 your loss

  9. The 12-Step plan:
    1. Create a Crypto currency company to enable money laundering.
    2. Find a Dweeb to run the company.
    3. Pay MLB umpires to wear company logo, therefore legitimizing company with older investors excited by the Crypto craze.
    4. Help Dweeb hide all the money offshore.
    5. Take laundered money and invest in DNC campaigns in AZ, CO, GA, NY, PA.
    6. Finance massive fraud in the same states, (Mail-ins, broken machines, late counting, etc.)
    7. After the election is stolen, split BILLIONS of offshore dollars amongst key figures (Clintons, etc.).
    8. Have the Dweeb immediately close shop after election.
    9. Send the corrupt DOJ to investigate, preventing anyone else from investigating.
    10. Call for regulation on ALL crypto entities and create a Crypto-Tax, further lining the same pockets.
    11. After all that, throw the Dweeb under the bus by having media call him the Bernie Madoff of this generation.
    12. Silence Dweeb through incarceration or even better, being suicided.


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