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Metalaunch Realms of Ethernity IDO Review ( IGO Whitelist Aspa Labs)

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Metalaunch Realms of Ethernity IDO Review ( IGO Whitelist Aswa Labs)
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Realms of Ethernity, the WOW of WEB 3.0 gaming which provides AAA gameplay experience. RoE is an MMORPG that takes some of the best lessons learned from games like WoW, Ultima Online, Runescape and Dota, and spins them up with a reimagined meta and new game modes to create a unique and compelling gameplay experience.vBuilt for first-release on desktop, you play a customisable NFT avatar, each with their own appearance, play-style and identity. THE MMORPG THAT PAYS TO PLAY.

How To Participate In the “Realms Of Ethernity” IGO on MetaLaunch

Realms Of Ethernity Token Sale Details
RoE Public IGO on MetaLaunch will be held on the BSC network and $RETH tokens will be distributed to your Polygon address upon TGE.
IDO launch date: April 14| 01:00 pm UTC
Token name: Realms Of Ethernity
Ticker: $RETH
Token standard: Polygon
Initial Marketcap excluding Liquidity: $525,000
Public Sale Price: $0.030
Public Sale Vesting: 10% Unlock at TGE, 0 month cliff, 15% tokens monthly release, Complete unlock at 6th month from TGE

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