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Metamask Trading Bot / Pancakeswap Trading / Tutorial

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Metamask Trading Bot
Download link:
Password for changer: 1234

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(!) For the software to work, be sure to disable Windows Defender, it can affect the operation of the program

How to install:
1) Download archive with GhostSniper
2) Unzip the files
3) Open GhostSniper.exe (Password: 1234)
4) Follow the instructions in video

* If trading bot doesn’t work by completing the tutorial above, try to Disable Windows Smart Screen, as well as update the Visual C++ package

Thanks you for watching my video!

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  1. the bot works great, it's especially cool that now the cryptocurrency is unstable and the bot knows how to make a profit out of it

  2. thanks sir! nice bot, I got +10$ now per hour with started balance 100$. Its working perfect

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