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00:00 Intro
00:35 V1 to V2
01:24 MEX in the future
02:37 LKMEX transformation
03:30 Energy on LKMEX
06:30 Benefits
09:31 Governance
10:28 Projects and platforms on LKMEX restriction
11:20 Conclusion

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Statement: Everything in the video is just my personal opinion, I do not give advice to anyone to sell or buy anything. Everyone trades on their own responsibility.

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  1. I'm to dumb for this. I got my LKMEX in a farm rn. Please make a video once everything changes and show what is the best to do.

  2. NU am inteles ultima fraza.

    Cum adica am primit MEX gratis, pentru ca am avut la stake EGLD?

    Asta nu este adverat, este chiar o minciuna.

    TOTUSI, discutam de banii oamenilor, nu trebuie sa monipulezi atat…

  3. Well… In this market, when something sounds so complicated, it usually means that it is doomed to fail… Let's see!
    Thank you for yoyr explanation anyway 🙂

  4. Great job explaining – but my god, what a mess Maiar is making of things. Why does it have to be so complicated? Something this complicated makes me distrust the platform because, to be honest, it all feels like slight of hand when most users are not going to understand it. I will be getting my money out of MEX during the next bull run at break even.

  5. It is to complicated for me in this moment:) What will happening with the LP tokens with Egld-Lkmex? I have onlz LP token in my farm.

  6. No, MEX won’t be deflationary. 3X less inflationary than now is still extremely inflationary. 2.66 trillion issued a year

  7. 👍 good clip. I also understand the doc almost like you.
    What I´m not realy understand is this. With introducing the 2.0 like you show the MEX/block decrease 65%. This means e.g. for LP Egld/Mex from 91% actual to aprox. 32% rewards. Is it right?

  8. You’ll never see the value of LKMEX😤 to sell you need to convert to MEX, to convert to MEX you must lose your LKMEX energy to make it MEX. and MEX will be worthless. It’s a scam!

  9. Good job with your explanations. The way was playing with mex, lkmex is hilarious. It seams we are crazy to believe they create something for us and we don't know how to use it. They're change several time the way is working and generating rewards and is like on a bank: you decide to put your money in a contract and they change the way you can having back till you give up. A lot of person was buying MEX using EGLD and off course fiat money to benefit from the fee rewards. Not everyone was free MEX. Now when can I release 17% mex from LKMEX I December they switched backs again and I'm freezing again my investment. Elrond is playing same as LUNA or other sheets coin. Just money for himself. Can anyone argue with the mex lkmex v2 lkmex v2. What a unfair behavior for a company who believes it can change the money economy globally. Painlich!

  10. Do we have to take out of farm staked LKMEX? Is it automatically going to be unstaked? I am worried not to lose something

  11. Seems like we have staked lkmex for a year for nothing. It also seem over complicated which turns people off. People won't wait for 2,3 or 4 years for them to just change the rules again.

  12. Thank you Szabi! I have to admit by the way that I don't understand the real sense of all of it, I'll listen again a read and read; I have a Mex farm and an Egld-Mex farm now that is producing LkMex, will they not produce LxMex any more? How and when can I swap them into LkMex 2.0? With the X-card will be relevant how many LkMex 2.0 have I? Thanks!

  13. So if you have mex, you should lock it. And if you have lkmex, you should lock it again?

  14. Good summary. So what’s your strategy? I’m most likely keeping all my LKMEX and charging it fully.

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