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MEX 2.0 Strategies l Q&A l. MEX LKMEX EGLD Elrond MultiversX

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MEX 2.0 Strategies l Q&A l. MEX LKMEX EGLD Elrond MultiversX


00:00 Intro
00:44 Strategies
07:30 Q&A

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Statement: Everything in the video is just my personal opinion, I do not give advice to anyone to sell or buy anything. Everyone trades on their own responsibility.

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  1. im keeping my v1 for the following reasons:
    1) all the time i spent for the past year getting this lkmex with its current time locks, that is the most liquid and soonest i can unlock and cash out with out that ridiculous v2 % penalties.
    2) i think that the new rewards for LP pools will be paid out in lkmex v2 anyway and will automatically be in v2 for 4 years.
    3) the benefits of lkmex v2 doesnt really apply any benefits to me. i cannot do any launchpads because my country doesnt allow it and im not really interested in the metabonding. this new role out is really not all that great.

    to be completely honest, this project has taken a turn for the worst IMHO. the impermanent loss I am currently encountering with the dex's LP pools is pretty sad too which is a big indicator that people are leaving and cashing out of this project despite the current bear market :/ hope the project is able to turn this around. I will still try and ride this new phase of its project out and see where it goes. I am now eyeing matic/polygon, avalanche, and bnb.

  2. I have only about 5 mill. Lkmex. I think I will block for 4 years. Thanks for very informative video!!

  3. Nice clip 👍 with good example. Maybe we can turn around the question of what to do with lkmex. Lets ask, what do you want reach or be. Is the focus on new projects or are you interested in getting more tokens of the ecosystem then the long term of energy is the best. If you wanna become a liquidy provider I suggest to get the short energy term. What do you thing?

  4. Nice video bro ,
    Dose that mean if we lock the lkmex for 1,2 or 4 years , do we still get staking rewards? Or this is it ?.

  5. I only have 20 million LKMEX so I'm locking for 4 years for max rewards. MetaversX/EGLD is a 10 year (minimum) investment for me. I have plenty of EGLD and UTK that is liquid so I'll take a little bit of cream from those honey pots during the next bull market.

  6. Nice video 👍 Is it possible to lock the lkmex for different periods? For example: 100.000 for 1 year, 100.000 for 4 years? The same wallet, not different one.

  7. I feel like I will follow the Safety w/ Low benefits as I feel the next bull run will be 2024/25 even though I only have 17 millions LKMEX

  8. I have litlle(30 mil. ) so I will go for the max of the benefits if I had lots(300bill.) I will go with the second plan. Like that I will keep liquidity from the benefits.

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