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MEXC Global 🚀 for beginners is an explainer video for newcomers where we touch insightful points around:

– What is MEXC Global?
– How to buy MX?
– How it works?
– How to get involved?

Everything you need to know about MEXC Global for beginners, we delve into all the information you will need to get started.

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MEXC Global is a multi-feature cryptocurrency exchange with industry-leading security that was founded in 2018 by John Chen. This exchange can be used for Spot trading, Margin trading, Quantitive trading and leveraged trading on Futures and ETFs. MEXC Global offers more than 1,500 coins and a powerful mobile app that is beginner-friendly. As a client, you will also have access to a simulated risk-free trading platform, copy trading tools, a launchpad and Kickstarter platform, mining pools and different types of staking. There are several ways to buy crypto through MEXC Global. You can use the P2P exchange, buy it using your credit or debit card, pay via bank transfer or use third-party payment apps. MEXC Global also offers a bonus to the value of $1,000 Tether that is rewarded for making a deposit and trading futures.

MEXC Global is a popular exchange for Spot trading, Margin trading, Quantitative trading and Leveraged trading. You can leverage your futures by up to 125 times and ETFs can also be leveraged. MEXC Global offers 1527 Coins and 2101 trading pairs consisting of major cryptocurrencies, altcoins and DeFi tokens.

The MEXC Global app can be downloaded on desktops and mobile devices. If you’ll be using the mobile app, you can easily manage your accounts and buy and sell crypto directly from your phone. You can also use this app to access the staking pools and launchpad and more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold using the app. The mobile app allows you to easily switch between different interfaces for Spot trading, Margin trading and the P2P exchange.

MEXC Global also offers Copy trading and all you need to do is create an account, fund it and choose a strategy provider to follow. Strategy providers can be filtered by win rates, total equity or the number of followers they have and you can create watchlists of the top performers. With MEXC Global, you can enjoy flexible staking and locked staking plans with high-yield returns on more than 20 tokens and altcoins.

You can also vote for projects on the Polkadot and Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions and receive rewards for participating. Another way to earn more with MEXC Global is through ETH 2.0 Staking. Staking Ether 2.0 allows the network to run nodes which validate transactions. ETH 2.0 is an upgrade of the Ethereum environment which will allow more transactions to be processed and will use a Proof of Stake consensus, which is why ETH 2.0 staking is necessary. If you will be trading Futures, you will be eligible for a bonus to the value of $1,000 Tether. There are several different bonus offers and you can earn free Tether by participating in events.

MX is the native token of the MEXC Global DeFi environment and it is an ERC20 token. This token gives holders voting rights in the MEXC ecosystem and it is used to power the proof of stake mechanisms MEXC uses.

Overall, MEXC Global has more than 7 million clients from around the world and offers more than 2,000 trading pairs, so you’ll have no problem diversifying your crypto portfolio by trading with them. This exchange is also a great platform for upcoming projects and newly listed tokens and if you’d like to be part of the Polkadot and Kusama slot auction votes, then we recommend doing it through MEXC Global. if you are interested be sure to open your MEXC Global account today and bring a friend along to claim your referral bonus and get a head start on your crypto trading career with one of the leading online exchanges in the industry.

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  1. I deposited a small amount of eth and it went within 15 minutes. Then I deposited 1.6 eth and i havnt see anything in my MEXC wallet for 3 hours. On Coinbase's side, it said successful and ether scan said confirmed. Any help would be totally appreciated. Kinda freakn out here

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