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MEXC Global Tutorial + Link Promo 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL TRADING FEES

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Learn everything you need to know about MEXC GLOBAL, the best Cryptocurrency Exchange, Mexc Global is in the TOP of the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and continues to rise in popularity, you will learn how to Sign Up, you will learn how to configure the security of your funds in MEXC, you will learn to deposit and withdraw and much more, become an expert in the world of cryptocurrencies

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1. Introduction 00:00
2. Little bit about MEXC 00:35
3.Creating account 01:57
4. Security 02:20
5. Verify 04:51
6. Wallet 05:25
7. How to deposit 06:21
8. How to Withdraw 07:05
9. Quick look at “Trading section” Spot – Margin – Futures – ETFs 07:46
10. Quick look at Launchpad 10:24
11. Quick look at Staking 10:39
12. Quick look at Copy Trade 10:46

Remember, these videos are for educational purposes and are not financial advice.
If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, analyze it very well so that you can make the best decision.
Remember that the world of investments is very risky and you must trade with great responsibility.


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