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MMF | Get Ready to Farm on & Earn on Cronos! Earn Mad Meerkat Finance Polygon $MMF

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⚡ Hello and Welcome back to The DEFI Pub! ⚡

Today we’ll be talking about MMF – Mad Meerkat Finance on Cronos.

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  1. I will not sell when it is listed, I see 10 dollars at this rate, I bought it for 20 cents, I go through the money

  2. I am using Bitmart for a long time. all tokens there increase %300-%400 in the first day. this posschain can skyrocket in the first day.

  3. posschain made an agreement with huobi this coin can beat solona

  4. guys I just checked the team of this project and found out that people working in ethereum founded this company. what do you think

  5. bro can you please give us more information about Posschain everyone says it is better than solona

  6. I have lost quite some money in the bear season and I am trying to cover my losses I just purchased posschain it will be great for me if it can do x10

  7. I am seeing posschain everywhere can you make a video for these ico projects especially posschain

  8. Like everybody knows ico projects make x10 x20 in bear seasons I've joined a couple of projects along with posschain let's see what happens

  9. so when we claim our rewards does that mean we have to hook up to the polygon network… im still a few months new to crypto so i really dont know how to work defi all that great… ive staked my METF… can you make a video on how to claim our rewards…

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