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MMF.Money (MMF) Tutorial – How To Leverage Stablecoins on Cronos

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MMF MUSD SVN Burrow USDC USDT | In this video I demonstrate how to leverage your stable coin deposits on MMF.Money by depositing your USDC/USDT into Tectonic (and soon to be Mimas and Annex). I originally started off by using USDC deposit from Tectonic, however there was not enough MUSD available to mint and I had to switch to $600 of USDT. So, this strategy example used a $600 USDT deposit into Tectonic to receive $600 worth of tUSDT. I then deposited tUSDT into MMF.Money, leveraged it ~2x (by borrowing $441 MUSD) and then I walk you through how to repay the loan. This is a great strategy to leverage up your stable coins since the protocol will automatically convert all your $ for you and save on gas fees.

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Stablecoin Swap (for MUSD):
MMF Exchange Link:

TUSDT contract: 0xA683fdfD9286eeDfeA81CF6dA14703DA683c44E5

Make sure you watch my Mimas or Tectonic Leveraging videos if you have not already. It will help you understand this strategy better.
Tectonic Video:

00:00 Intro
00:35 What is $MUSD?
01:25 Tectonic Leverage Video
01:45 Strategy Summary Document
04:01 Deposit into Tectonic
05:48 Deposit tUSDC into MMF.Money
06:38 How to calculate your LTV
07:46 Choose your Leverage
08:27 Add tUSDT deposit and borrow MUSD
12:10 Repay loan strategies
13:27 Withdraw tUSDT deposit from MMF.Money and Tectonic
14:15 MM Stableswap (USDT into MUSD)
14:55 Deposit MUSD into MMF.Money to repay loan
15:20 Updated LTV
16:25 Loan paid off on MMF.Money
17:00 Video Summary


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  1. My deposit of $600 USDT into tectonic would earn me 3.35% APY (1.4% in USDC & 1.95% in TONIC). When I deposit USDT into Tectonic they give me tUSDT, as a receipt/ticket denoting my $600 that I deposited into their platform. I then take that tUSDT, deposit it into MMF.Money, and borrow MUSD (at 2x leverage) against it. Essentially my $600 deposit allows me to borrow $441 MUSD which MMF.Money will automatically convert into USDT and deposit back into tectonic finance. So, my position is now $1036 USDT deposited into tectonic. Why would you do this??
    I was earning 3.35% APY on $600 which is $20/year. Now that I leveraged up I am earning 3.35% on $1036 which is $34/year MINUS the 0.5% interest on the 441MUSD I borrowed which comes out to $2.20/year. So, total gained would be $34 – 2.20 = $31.8 per year. In Summary…

    Profit from not using MMF.Money to Leverage up = $20/year
    Profit from 2x leveraging up on MMF.Money = $31.8/year

  2. Very nicely done! Thank you! And also the hint for people using ledger (like me)… i couldn’t do it and wondered why but then you said that it simply does not work.. very sad.
    I got a question: where is the risk in doing a 10x leverage if both are stables? I would think, that going with 80% of the max. Of 90% and then leveraging 10 times.
    What am I missing? How and why should we get liquidated?
    And is the borrow rate of 0.5% fix? Or will it go higher? It would change everything

  3. Hey, can you explain what the "Update Price" checkbox means? It says "Update ibTKN price for a small gas fee". What does that accomplish? Also, I don't quite understand the relationship between the amount of leverage and the "liquidation price". Why is the liquidation price shown as $0.05 for 50% ?

  4. Thanks for the video.

    So if I leveraged 10X (maximum), how much APY would I earn? How do you arrive at this figure?

  5. thanks for the explanation. I was trying to wrap my head around … in the end your video made it clear. Thanks! keep it up.

  6. Thanks for this breakdown because I couldn’t figure this out!

    Is it better to repay the loan “right away” or is there a general timeframe to wait before repaying?

  7. i wish we can see a video talking about the strategy of mimas which was mentioned on mm medium article where they talked about a scenario where you can up with your apy to 90k% ..

  8. nice one .. need to watching it again .. but i dont see .. in the end you win or lose ?

  9. The link in your desc is for tUSDT. For tUSDC 👉0xB3bbf1bE947b245Aef26e3B6a9D777d7703F4c8e

  10. is the m mf money site up? how did you use it? for me i asks a user and a password. also ,the lunchppad hasn t even started

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