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Most IMPORTANT Terra Luna Classic Proposal! Re-Enable IBC Channels!

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Terra luna classic has the 1.2% burn tax going live likely within the next 24 hours! In this video we discuss a new very important proposal that could help speed up the process of re-enabling IBC channels for LUNC through Cosmos which could bring a lot of utility to the luna classic ecosystem! In this video we discuss the LUNC price, the burn tax, this new proposal, other luna classic news!

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice!

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0:00 : Intro
1:07 : LUNC Price Rises
1:50 : Hold Support?
2:45 : Staking Increases
3:25 : Rebel Station Wallet
4:53 : GitHub
5:46 : Fairdesk!
7:49 : Proposal 4940
9:05 : Re-Enable IBC
10:05 : Interoperability


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  1. Already two weeks ago I said that lunc will be stuck between 0.00028 and 0.00033 for many years and all those who bet on this shitcoin are just wasting their time instead of investing in coins with more serious projects. I'm sorry for you, but you swallow everything the YouTubers tell you day and night.

  2. NEW PROP?!? I tried to help TR by asking them to do the exact same months ago they didn't care none of them. They just care about burns. But the IBC is the most important by far. And after trying a lot of times to convince them this is the correct path I gave up. Not trying to help who doesn't want it.

  3. Some important stuff:: USTC is available for dead cheap on osmosis platform. Once IBC is re-enabled, it's easy money.
    FYI: deposits and withdraws are currently halted but USTC can be bought by swapping atom

  4. I dropped plan for buying Iphone 14 and bought LUNAC with same money. tell me I won't regret this…

  5. Just started crypto. please any idea on how can I make a profitable investment in crypto without incurring too much loss?

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