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MTL Fees Too High | Cash Out Will BANKRUPT Ecomi?

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Hey everyone, in today’s video I explore two of the biggest concerns surrounding the impending MTL Cash Out that will be coming to the VeVe platform: Why is the fee so high to withdraw funds, and does Ecomi have enough money to cover user cash outs.

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  1. I'm only 5 mins in and I'm gonna watch the whole thing but already your numbers are skewed. 1000 gems does not have a value of $1000 USD, I know because I live in Switzerland and our currency is worth more than the USD so 1000 gems should cost me around 960/970 Swiss francs, it doesn't, if I buy 1000 gems it's going to cost mew more like 1100/1200 swiss francs. 1 gem having a value of $1 USD is simply not true

  2. we don't even know what % of the 2.5% goes actually to them. Artists may have royalties attached to it too.

  3. Nice work! They should keep the 10% in any event. This will only further encourage OMI utility.

  4. Great video! But I don't see how they will have the cash flow to expand exponentially in the near future at this time given the numbers you presented. They would need millions just to be on major exchanges. They'd need at least a 300M cash flow to accomplish everything in their plans. I think they get their eventually.

  5. Great to see you back, during these bear moment it’s important to watch content from you. The bullish time all YouTubers are releasing a VDO a day but when the market is down and when it’s the most needed to watch you guys, everyone disappear… From last recorded VDO, we could see the veve platform and it feels like it will be ready soon. Hopefully. But the greatest catalyst will be OMI to NFT. I also don’t really care about MTL but understand how important it is, especially for the non crypto ones. Thanks for your very smart video, lots of works and research.

  6. Great now competitors with I'll intentions could buy gems and not buy collectables and cash out and make the gem tokenomics unstable.
    Highlighting this shows that there should be a higher fee for cash out with no nft purchase.

  7. E-SCAMI only exists to enrich management-down 77% this dog is on its last legs, unless your a SCAMI founder relentlessly dumping

  8. Nice overview of gem 💎 expenses but your assumptions aren’t realistic. Nobody is putting any money in the app just to take it back out without buying a collectible (or more likely many). Gems are purchased for directed reasons. When people cash out, it’s going to be after selling things that have been bought or traded, probably multiple times. ⭕️🚀🔥🤘🏼‼️

  9. Great video bro. Extremely grateful for you providing the top notch numbers and data. Shout out PuddinCheeks as well. You guys rock. Stay blessed my G. 👊💯

  10. Cant they easily make 2 different versions of gems? One version is an untouched version… and one is a used version. So when you get gems from veve is ngem and onces its been in the market its ugem. They can charge different % depending on the kind of gem you wanna cash out.

  11. What’s fucked up is that content creators on YT do a better job of controlling the narrative and explaining issues such as this than the team does. VeVe has the ability to create 10 minute videos and post them to their page. Rhys could explain this just as easily. I don’t understand for the life of me why they don’t do this.

  12. Once you add in fixed costs – tech, talent, lawyers, etc – it seems like VeVe is not profitable yet. Their real money comes with non-licensed collectibles, accessories, land and experiences.

  13. Great video Foster! You really helped me understand how all this works. Glad to have you back! Do you know if Ecomi gets all of the 2.5% marketplace fee, or does some of that go to the licensors/artists?

  14. Great info Foster. Would love it if Veve would simply clarify this for all their users just like you have here. Not much to ask for so not sure why they wont and leave it to the community to guess and speculate which can sometimes be way off but what you put together here makes sense.

  15. This is actually a good find, Foster!
    There is some mixing of terms with cash flow and revenue (thats just me being a picky accountant) but this is directionally correct and very interesting how it highlights the different gross margins per sales type.
    Nicely done👍

  16. 30% is top of the GEM purchased.

    So 1300usd for 1000Gem.
    So it is 910Usd for 700Gem.

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