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What is updated homies it is your boy Justin pacetti pack again with another that I took in video another Theta token update just a friendly reminder if you’re new to the channel trying to find as much Theta news updates nfts or any kind of data Partnerships definitely please hit that like And subscribe

Button definitely check out all the links Down Below in the description for all the links I post in this video along with my imagine replay referral link if you are trying to earn As Much TNT 20 token on the Theta blockchain going on to the current price of theta in the

Making of this video we do see that Theta is at that 90 Cent Mark as well as t feel floating around that four Cent Mark stay tuned for more things especially update and prices I never really do price predictions on that channel just because then we never really know where the price will

Definitely go but going on to more news and updates alongside data we’re gonna see all these updates that even Mitch Lou tweeted himself seeing lfg’s Data Network community and partners this has been one of a month data projects I’m seeing new projects in Tech happening constantly so clicking on this link on

Dab house they’re going to see that fuse Wars has the beta testing releasing Trader Punk’s trade of the Year highlighted imagine replay and he’s dropping the next day outliers announce release date data drop medicines dropping now tune star space junk release secret pineapple Society metaverse open and so much more keep it

Coming because this is awesome Ascension will definitely highlight some of these notable mentions in this tweet I’ve mentioned a couple of it before with especially with imagine replay as well as space junkie so we’ll definitely try to hop onto other topics that I have not yet so starting off here with fuse Wars

As you can tell we’ll definitely play this video so seeing right here there was a burn challenge for those who are part of it unfortunately I did not have all the possible nfts to fulfill these challenge but as you can tell here I’m sure some people have already but going

On to the Tweet as the burning challenge is taking place the gamers in the community are playing the beta helping us develop a solid product we appreciate youth Data Network West 11 Mitch Lou and Mark Edie as Shane so seen here just all these other type of burn challenges so

You can get rewarded looks like these other nfts on the platform I believe these are other characters is from what it looks like so people here have that opportunity to do that which is amazing in itself so people stay engaged and it looks like more Rarity for these nfts

And you can even tell right here in this video itself to some of the detail as well as like a little bit of difference in comparison to other nfcs that are being released so looking forward to this has less than three days to burn I believe this tweet was on May 18th of

2023 it looks like some of these have already occurred so it’s coming soon guys I can’t wait for the beta for more people to actually test out more to come especially with this project altogether it seems like they’ve been going in the correct direction for those community

Members and Gamers all together so like I said guys we’ll see what’s more to come with this overall project hoping for the best as always going on to a little bit more other than fuse Wars we’re gonna see over here this is one of the best implementations of token gated

Access to new worlds inside the metaverse powered by Theta pass super easy clean and intuitive seeing the secret pineapples excited to see a simple intuitive user experience of theta pass integrated into the metaverse nice working secret pineapple Society so if we’ll click on this little video

Itself we do see looks like I don’t necessarily know which platform this is essentially on but a school scene that look looks like here it kind of looks like Luffy if you do watch One Piece that’s an anime you kind of look like that character and going over here

You’re kind of running around in the metaverse and then in your looks like plans get your tickets to access the Grove and private rooms looks like you’re connecting your data pass wallet I have never done this before guys if you have definitely comment below and it

Looks like right here we’ll take a quick pause going on to when he releases that ticket so right here let’s see congratulations and draw your drop it says ticket and then I believe that’s a secret pineapple Society in this little font right here and then that’s what it

Says here in the blog so it’s kind of cool seeing that overall incorporation onto the game onto the platform but I essentially don’t necessarily know where that will take you with this ticket I don’t know if we can see it in a little bit more but that looks like it’s all of

It right there and then it looks like this is just its Little World in the metaverse so like I said guys I will see how things go all together just because I’m not essentially too sure where that will lead you with that ticket connecting metapass or Theta pass I

Should say but it’s cool seeing that it’s actually being utilized these nfts are being utilized in these games or at least for the community members to enjoy so stay tuned for more news guys by commenting as well as definitely liking and subscribing this video so we’ll go

On to a little bit more updates that I have for you guys as always Andrea Berry seeing the John heater regrets making a robot profit in the new series of space junkies looks like she tweeted this just so it informs people about the project itself so we’ll definitely look into

This article too seeing at the very beginning John heater regrets making a robot girlfriend a new series space junk exclusive clip so this was posted looks like on May 18th of 2023 a short read roughly but we’ll definitely look into it as you can tell right here John

Heater’s character and then looks like the robot girlfriend it looks like this is an adult type of animated series just for heads up there just saw that I know there are some users on Theta on my channel who are a little younger but just a heads up on this project screen

Rent is pleased to present an exclusive clip from the upcoming animated series based John a comedic take on knowledge of that Earth is orbited by trash the series revolves around a group of garbage men and women whose job is to clean up the atmosphere written by Workaholics co-creator Dominic Russo it

Features The Voice Talent of John heater Napoleon Dynamite Tony cavallaro writes to gemstones and in what is to believe an industry first a completely AI voice robot character known as well Becca space junk will be dropping the first episode on the series on their exclusive website this Friday May 19th of 2023 in

The new adult animated series the Earth is surrounded by trillions of pieces of human debris Left Behind during human Ventures into space entered the trash collectors of space big space junk whose job is to clean up Humanity Space trash learn more the screen rents exclusive exclusive clip Below in the above space

John clip the audience is introduced to thank you Von bulin who is played by John heater and his trusted robot well Becca Thackery is privileged to air to the space big space junk the company in charge of cleaning up Earth’s orbiting trash to help him run the company and is

Like he’s had a robot Maiden named while Becca he comes to regret upgrading the optional girl girlfriend mode when while Becca tells him she’s pregnant with his meta baby Zachary quickly upgrades to ex-girlfriend mode and move while Becca tells him he’ll soon regret base drunk is more than a traditional animation

Utilizing fatal blockchain technology the goal is to create a story that viewers can interact with on a broader scale in addition to watching the series token holders will have the ability to participate in narrative development create their own characters and storylines and engage in unique fan experiences the series is the third

Project from Tunes to our company created by Dreamworks Disney and Warner Brothers veterans John atanasio and Louisa Huang the goal of the company is to create unique experiences for users who through tunestar’s unique model can have more Hands-On stake in the content through the purchase of nfts the user

Should help to mold the content so this is the new type of platform a new wave of platform especially with web 3 I’d like to say just because it has the involvement for the community members so having these nfts this type of stakeholder in the project you can say

Is the way for those people to actually have have a say in the project what they can be that actually participate in the actual animated project itself was kind of cool as well as work with John heater in a sense Technically when you’re looking at the actual roles who was

Actually being played in these videos or this animated series I should say but we’ll see how things go especially with this project I don’t know if that many people have essentially been a part of it I see on my Twitter feed just because I follow other Theta users but I don’t

Know how much people are actually going to be incorporated like I said in my previous videos it kind of reminds me of a South Park type of vibe but it is an adult Series so that’s kind of follows with South Park but we’ll see how this whole agile project goes it looks like

The actual first video has been released the first episode so we’ll see in the first episode as well as the first season on how this project will take web 3 especially Theta Network because it’s one other part but that’s all I really have for today’s video guys thank you so

Much for coming back to the channel if you’re an OG viewer and subscriber if you’re a new viewer definitely please hit that like And subscribe button because I really do appreciate it guys wouldn’t be here without you you guys for those OG viewers and subscribers as well as your new ones but definitely

Comment Down Below guys if you have any comments about the video anything that you’d like to see in the near future or anything data related guys I really do appreciate it as well definitely check out all the links Down Below in the description for all the links I post on

This video so it’s a lot easier for you guys to navigate along with me with me or reach back to it if you do want to remind yourself as to what some of this information is as well as checking out that imagine replay referral link if

You’re trying to earn As Much TNT 20 token on the Theta blockchain thank you guys so much again really looking forward to seeing you on the next one but until then it is your boy Justin massetti so try to keep up all right juices foreign

In this video, I highlight many upcoming projects that are associated with Theta Network that are beginning to pick up the pace in terms of their project. These include, Symbiote Creatives, Imagine Replay, Space Junkies, and many more projects!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, this is all for entertainment purposes only, please do your own research before investing your own income to this cryptocurrency.

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  1. As people begin to grasp the immense potential of Theta Network in the coming years, given the current stability, they will be eagerly getting in with their BTC and ETH. Similar to the remarkable surge witnessed in April 2021, we can expect the price to soar once again. Brace yourselves for the upcoming April of 2025, as history has a tendency to repeat itself.
    Great content btw. Thanks!

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