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My journey to $10k/day in crypto passive income – Part 1 – My bottom 10 passive income projects

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I’m starting a new series where I just walk through my journey to get from $6.5k/daily in passive income to $10k/day in passive income.

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The first three episodes of this series will be me just going through all 35 of the different projects that I am involved in that bring some passive income.

Please give feedback on how I should move money around to get to my goal.

0:00 – Intro
2:18 – Oxyfi (Node Project0
3:07 – Atlas (OHM Fork)
4:01 – Pylon Protocol (LP Farming)
4:47 – Charge.defi (Tomb Fork)
5:26 – Antminer L3+ (Miner)
6:08 – UST/Anchor LP Farming
7:05 – Power Nodes (Node Project)
8:06 – Zion Financial
9:17 – Chikn Game (P2E NFT Game)
10:35 – Joe Fisherman Game

Oxyfi –

Atlas –

Pylon Protocol –

Charge.Defi –

Antminer L3+ –

UST/Anchor LP Farming –

Power Nodes –

Zion Financial –

Chickn Game –

Joe Fisherman Game –



  1. I admire what you said about helping people. You should have many more followers. God Bless

  2. Kinght and Dark Knight Farms – low daily % (0.4-0.8%) however token price is very stable and only going up

  3. Definitely continue I personally like this video more then some of the AMA's and I watch almost all of your videos.

  4. Интересное, полезное видео. Ждем продолжения.

  5. How do you track all this fro taxes? Seems like a lot of daily transaction hydrating and claiming.

  6. Hey James! – check out EMP bro, they just got confirmed listing on an exchange. Extremely new project and here's an alpha: They'll have nodes in about 2 weeks plus Crypto Mike is one of the founders

  7. Amazing video. New sub here i'd like more of those kind of videos and maybe a over all pro and con of each platform. Im still looking for some good ones to join Aswell

  8. I like the series. You’re having good success. People like me may aspire to reach your income level. I know I do. Love your $10,000/day goal. My goal is $3,000/day and I think you can help me and others achieve our goals with your leadership. Thank You!

  9. You’re my kinda guy! (Mean that in a kind way) keep up the good work and I’ll continue to follow and promote your channel

  10. Thanks for taking the time to help inform some of us newbies to the way of the passive crypto income space. I like many others lost most of my savings in the defi space when it crashed and truly appreciate your videos. They are honest and concise. Some of us can only hope to do as well as you have so keep them coming.

  11. Good series keep it coming!! I recently invested into power nodes, so I would put more money in that project.

  12. Love this series. Definitely want you to continue as I find them informative. Great work James.

  13. What in the world is Hyperfund!? Btw @James, you know you're doing something right on here when you have all bots pretending to be you now 😆

  14. Keep them coming please. I’m also looking to build passive income through crypto and willing to take the risks across many projects 👍

  15. This video was AMAZING brother! Its very educational and inspiring as well! PLEASE keep making these types of videos, I'd love to here your thoughts on the rest of the list 😀

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