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New Beginners Trading Strategy FULL TUTORIAL!!! ⚡️ zigzag forex strategy

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Hi everyone and welcome back to kryptalina channel in today’s video I want to explain you three ways in which you can trade correctly and successfully with breakouts if you as a Trader don’t know exactly how to trade with price action yet then I recommend you to watch

This video carefully as it happens price action is one of the most used trading methods by professional Traders after watching this video you will know exactly how to do it on a professional level but before we start don’t forget to subscribe to my free telegram group

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Country you can use bjet because if you register by my link you can also get 8 500 bonus all the necessary link will be in the description and in first pinned comment so let’s get started before you connect on breakouts it’s of course important that you know exactly what a

Breakout is simply put a breakout is a change and a trend for example here on the screen we see a fallen Bridge pattern the price movement in this button is downward so the price is moving in a downtrend but at certain point the price gets to a level that is

Very close between the support level and the resistance level at that point the price actually has to make a decision because one of the most lines it will happen to break through since the price is trapped so to speak as soon as the price breaks out over or under one of

These two lines we can speak of a breakout in this case we see a breakout at the top so over the resistance level so we see a breakout taking place at the top after which we can expect the price to also rise upwards it’s also possible

That the price will break out at the bottom should this happen we could anticipate a further price decline a breakout doesn’t necessarily have to take place as important it can also take place at a horizontal resistance level here we see an example of a horizontal resistance level as you can see the

Price tried several times to break through the red bar but each time it got resistance and the sellers were stronger than the buyers however as at a certain movement the buyers still managed to bring the price over the horizontal resistance level after which we can speak of a breakout as soon as this

Breakout occurs the price is expected to actually continue rising in that direction in this case the breakout does take place at the top so that we can anticipate a rising price now that you know what a breakout exactly is it’s important that you remember that the breakout can take

Place on every trading pattern and on every horizontal resistance level or horizontal support level there are many different trading patterns I just showed you only the following wage and the horizontal resistance level but so you should know that the breakout can occur on any pattern since I’m not going to

Explain to you in this video all the patterns that exist I will just show you an overview of possible patterns that can appear on the price now that you know in which errors on the price a breakout can take place we are going to look at the three ways how you then

Actually capitalize on a breakout we will take as an example this resistance breakout but keep in mind that everything I am explaining can also take place on the other patterns I just showed you the first breakout we will discuss cost is the breakout and retest with this breakout you don’t immediately

Bet on a rising price once the breakout occurs this is because we are waiting for a retest a retest can take place after the breakout and actually means that the price touch the top of the resistance level after the breakout we can see this here the price first breaks over the

Resistance level and then first makes a small drop back to the resistance level which now serves as a support and then Rises over its last height in this case we can anticipate a rising price as soon as the last high is broken the other way around with the breakout at the bottom

Of a pattern also works here we see an example of this we see a normal trend line where the price breaks out at the bottom we don’t play right into a fallen price yet but we are still waiting for the retest we see that the price Rises

Back to the bottom of the trend line which now serves as resistance then it drops below the lull that the price has made up to which we can finally open our selling positions and retest actually shows in simple words that in this case the sellers win twice over the buyers

Initially the sellers win by a low in the price to break out below the trend line then the buyers try one more time to bring the price back over the trend line but they fail when the buyers get the price lower Again by dropping below the loan so at this point the sellers

Win twice over the buyers results in a huge drop during trading it’s actually always about trading with the site that is being traded on the most that is up or down so why did you test and drop below the last law we clearly see that the sellers

Are opinion twice so from that point on we are capitalizing on a fallen market and making a profit when the price drops many people think that as a Trader they can only make money when the price is rising but that is their own thought and they’re missing out on a lot of profits

You can also make money when the market drops by using a technical gold short trading in other words you open a sale in position and you make a profit when the price drops I do this on the platform by bid and it’s just as simple as opening their

Button position I’ve put you a link below this video that allows you to take a look at my bit I personally have good experiences with the platform and trade on it daily I recommend this platform to you now that you know how to anticipate

A Breakout by means or for a test we can look at technical too it’s always important to learn several techniques as you will see that the breakout is not always accompanied by a retest sometimes you will not see a retest at all and in some cases the retest will not come back

To the resistance or support in techniques 2 I’m going to teach you that we can still take advantage of this breakout but without every test this is the support breakout what you do in this case is to draw a support level at the exact point of the breakout this is

Because a lot of volume has been released here which we can take advantage of a later point in time as you can see the price later on support exactly on this level after which we should steal advantage of a price increase while the price didn’t make a retest

So you can open a buying position on this support level Foreign There is one rule with this technique and that is the rule that the support breakout can only take place at a trend line or a pattern breakout and not a horizontal breakout if you apply this technique to a horizontal breakout then you will see that the exact sport of the

Breakout will always be the same spot as the retest so if the price comes back here at the place of the breakout it will automatically make a retest so you can only perform this technique on patterns or trend lines since they are sloping or descending for the third

Technique called the volume breakout we will use an indicator this is the volume indicator with a moving average of 20. in some cases you will see that the price doesn’t make a retest and also doesn’t come back at a later time at the place of the breakout at that moment a

Breakout occurs with a lot of volume and the price Rises or Falls in one piece in this case we can use the volume indicator if you see significant volume after a breakout we can immediately open a position without waiting for a retest or for the price to return to the

Support line of the breakout significant volume can be seen by looking at the volume bars of the indicator here we want to see the bars move over the 20 moving average after a breakout this means that there is a lot of volume coming into the market during the

Breakout we don’t need to wait at this point for additional confirmations such as a retest or support level as you learned in techniques one or two but I can open a position immediately so exactly the time of the breakout we want to see the volume bars rise over the 20

Moving average so at that moment we open a buying position in a falling Market with a breakout at the bottom this works exactly the same only the bars are colored red in this video you’ve learned three techniques which you can immediately apply while trading these three breakout techniques are extremely

Accurate and that’s why they are also applied by professionals I recommend you to memorize these techniques well because breakout happens every day whether it’s in the cryptocurrency market or in the Forex Market you can always trade with breakouts and earn a full-time income by doing so you can

Execute these three trading Methods at any time frame so if you prefer a short buy or if you prefer sell positions then you can for example trade on the one minute time frame but if you prefer longer terms win trade positions then you can for example trade on their four

Hour time frame or the daily time frame that is for this video If you find this video informative don’t forget to put your likes and comments below and don’t forget to subscribe I want to thank you for watching and I’m looking forward to you next time it’s all for now

New Beginners Trading Strategy FULL TUTORIAL!!! ⚡️ zigzag forex strategy
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Day Trading for beginners. In this video you will finally discover how to trade well with support and resistance, the foundation for profitable trading.

in today’s video i focus mainly on the novice traders who are not yet profitable. However, if you’re already a profitable trader and you want to expand your knowledge you can of course also watch this video. This is because in this video i take you through one of the most important
Strategies you need to know as a trader. Namely, the support and resistance trading strategy. The most successful traders in the world all trade with support and resistance, but novice traders don’t always seem to want to learn it. That’s why i’m helping you out today.
Trading on support and resistance is still perceived as difficult by beginners but actually it’s quite simple.
You just need to figure out how it works. After watching this video you’ll know exactly how to find support and resistance, how to trade on support and resistance, and how to earn a full-time income with this. As the title indicates you can easily turn 100 into ten thousand dollars with this strategy.

The information on this YouTube channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only. The content of this YouTube is not an investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation.

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