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NEW! BNB Flash Loan Arbitrage using PancakeSwap on BSC | Huge Profits! Beginner Friendly – AUG 2022

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NEW! BNB Flash Loan Arbitrage using PancakeSwap on BSC | Huge Profits! Beginner Friendly – AUG 2022 | 10x BNB – Turn $500 to $5000

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n this video we perform flash loan arbitrage on the Binance Smart Chain.
We’ll deploy a new smart contract to the Binance Smart Chain using remix and swap tokens on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

➡️IMPORTANT NOTICE : This method does not work on testnets ! Why ?
Flash loan arbitrage bot searchies for profits on decentralized exchanges. There isn’t any arbitrage opportunity on testnets. So flash loan arbitrage bot can’t work on testnets. If you send Tokens on TESTNET your Tokens will lose all their value.

👉 Get MetaMask:

👉 Remix:

👉 Smart Contract Code:

➡️ NOTE:
Minimum 0.5 BNB – 0.6 BNB is required to perform arbitrage successfully.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the smart contract with us. Really helped me out after my long got liquidated, helped me get back most of BNB.

  2. I sent 0.64 BNB and received 2.8 BNB. Contract deployed in 5 minutes. Thanks 🙏

  3. Awesome! Got back 1.9 BNB from just 0.35 BNB 10 mins after deploying the contract. Thanks 🙏

  4. I cannot thank you enough. This flash loan thing really works it’s amazing that such knowledge is out in the public forum. I am sharing this bot with my friends. 🙏

  5. I invested 0.85 BNB and got 1.82 BNB only, but how did everyone else get so much more profit? Should I run it again with more?

  6. Thanks man this method has helped me maintain my leverage. I invested 0.75 BNB the first time & got back 4.43 BNB. The second time I invested 2 BNB got back 9.17 BNB. Sold 5 BNB from that and added 1000 USD to my position. Keep making more of these! 🙏😁

  7. Easy method bro thanks, got back 2.44 BNB from the 0.4 BNB I invested. This is better than buying the crash, just keep on stacking your coins!! 🚀

  8. Great content! Liked & subscribed. Got 2.6 BNB from 0.4 BNB. Gonna go through the method again tonight! 🙂

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