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Welcome back! Today I talk about the newest edition to the crops farmer family FANTOM Crops Farmer! This project is going live today! Check it out

not financial advice
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None of this is financial advice! Please do your own research before you enter any project. Please understand you can lose the money you are investing. Never invest what you aren’t willing to lose.

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  1. Can you address in your videos why the account grows but the daily returns don’t?

  2. Word to new investors. I would be careful investing into this project. All of the other miners are not returning ROI (nowhere near!), unless you have lots of referrals and this is just a clone. I would wait to see if the other projects manage to somehow recover before putting any money into another of these projects.

  3. Thanks for the video. But you missed one Mr. Andy! Baked Cats has turned out to be my best miner project thus far. I got in early so my daily rewards are high. I hope more people get in so this project will moon!!!

  4. They change the bonus to 40% on the BUSD minor. But even with the max hiring bonus, I'm only getting like a 5% increase in farmers out of a possible 11%. Unless I'm looking at this incorrectly.

  5. Straight from the Dev…Ftm crops will be the most sustainable contract of the crops team. Sutainability, inflation covered. Anytime is a good time to get in the way this works. The crops are a total game changer for the ordinary guy.

  6. Because of the project mechanics I don't see how going in late to BUSD crops farmer or any crops farmer will mean a loss?

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