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NEW CRYPTO AIRDROP 2023 | Arbitrum Airdrop +$3000 Confirmed! Full Guide | LAST CHANCE

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First of all if you watch these videos first things first you will need a metamask wallet if you don’t have metamask yet I recommend you do that right away after you get your metamask wallet you’re going to want to use the arbitrum bridge but we can see with my transaction

History over here on May 27th I Bridge it over one quarter of an ethereum from the ethereum layer one main net to the arbor stream layer two main net alright so my wallet has interacted with the bridge before very important to get the airdrop make sure you interact with this

Bridge you don’t even have to bridge over as much as I did ten dollars in ethereum would most likely be enough to make sure that your wallet does get checked off or the snapshot for the airdrop now after you’ve used the bridge you’re going to want to complete What’s called the

Arboretum Guild tasks in order to get to this website it’s available through their Discord but for simplicity’s sake I’m going to leave it down in the description below for you of this video and this is extremely simple it’s extremely not complicated whatsoever in order to complete all 18 of these little

Quests literally all you need is your metamask wallet and uni swap because we can see here with these tests a lot of them will have three items listed but it says or right here meaning you only have to complete one of the three tasks in order to qualify so this is extremely

Simple where it says hold at least .001 of a token and it allows you to view it on the Explorer so all you’re going to want to do I already did all 18 of these it took me around 5-10 minutes it’s extremely simple all we’re doing is

Buying tokens on uni swap in very small amounts so for any one of these it’s all going to be the same it says hold at least .001 Liverpool tokens in order to get the liver pure liver pure not Liverpool liver pure fam Roll All right so we can hit view on

Explorer and it will take us to RB scan and over here on the right of the screen it gives us the contract address of the token all we do is copy that address we go to UNI swap and we paste it in here and once it’s pasted in we can select it

And all we needed to do is buy .001 as you can see in my balance I’ve already done that literally all you do is hit in point zero zero one you would hit swap and I’m gonna do it anyway just to get another transaction on the network

I’ll talk about that right now actually so on top of doing all these Guild tasks and using the bridge a lot of speculation is that the more transactions that you have on the arbitrary network over time the bigger your airdrop amount will be so I know

There’s a ton of people out there using Arboretum every single day as much as possible just so that they can rack up as many transactions as possible on their wallet address with the speculation that they’re going to receive a bigger airdrop because of that this is not confirmed by the arborstone

Team but it does make sense so the more transactions you do on the network possibly the bigger your airdrop will be alright so that’s step number two step number two is to complete all these Guild tasks again very simple literally all you’re doing you all you don’t need

To complete all three of the tasks if there’s three lists that you just have to complete one of them and you get the Discord roll all right as you can see here if I go to the aubergine Discord and you see my roles you know I have all these

Roles here because I did this arbitrim Guild task all right so go ahead and get that done again all you need is your metamask wallet and the uni swap decentralized exchange and you’re ready to rock and roll with that now let’s go ahead and move on so like I

Talked about just before the more transactions you have in your wallet most likely the better off that you will be so here on D5 llama we’re able to see that the total value locked in the arbitrum network is 1.08 billion dollars this is pretty impressive but what we

Want to do here is we can go ahead and we can look at all of the decentralized applications on the network and what we want to do essentially is to use the applications that are only available on arbitrim right it’s all listed GMX the decentralized training exchange for

Leverage is the number one decentralized application on arbitrum as we can see it’s available on Avalanche as well as the arbitrary Network then we have all these other apps that we have swap fish here swapfish is essentially a decentralized Exchange and I just went ahead and I bought one

Fish just to get a transaction on this dap to possibly get a bigger airdrop so what you want to do is you want to go ahead and you want to go through all the applications and just use them just do a transaction on them not hard at all you

Don’t need a lot of capital to do this it’s not like the optimism Quest where for some of them you need anywhere from 500 to 20 thousand dollars

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NEW CRYPTO AIRDROP 2023 | Arbitrum Airdrop +$3000 Confirmed! Full Guide | LAST CHANCE

Hey Guys, In this video, I showed you how to maximize your chances of getting an airdrop from one of the top projects – ARBITRUM.

ARBITRUM is an Ethereum scaling solution that provides high throughput and low-cost smart contracts

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