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Hello to all subscribers crypto enthusiasts and investors my name is Harry Flores and I’m happy to see you all on my channel where I talk about how to make money from cryptocurrency be sure to watch this video to the end as in the next five minutes I will tell you

How each of you can participate in the new airdrop and be guaranteed 500 each airdrop has just started so there is still an opportunity to take part and make money but I will tell you right away that this freebie will not last long as the total amount is limited

And now let’s move on to the airdrop itself it is conducted by the developers of Dogecoin project airdrop is a part of marketing strategy to promote Doge token among population in order to increase the number of holders and interest in the project airdrop is held on the famous trustpad platform it is a

Multi-chain one of the top five of the largest launch pads so let’s take part in airdrop while there is an opportunity and guaranteed ways to earn Doge tokens organizers of the drawing have considered that there will be a lot of people so they limited the maximum

Amount of tokens you can get the limit is 500 in Doge tokens also we see that airdrop amount is limited 2 million three hundred thousand tokens allocated and already twelve percent distributed which means we need to hurry the rules of participation in airdrop are very simple we need to have a wallet on

Metamask or a trust wallet to get the precious five hundred dollars I have a metamask add-on for example click join airdrop and connect your wallet to the platform after connecting your wallet to the platform immediately you will see a pop-up about a small fee for the transaction that you need to pay

After that the only thing left is to wait for the Doge tokens to come to our wallet so friends I did it it took about five minutes and Doge tokens appeared on my wallet I got 7 300 tokens which is roughly equivalent to five hundred dollars I earned 500 basically in a

Matter of minutes this is unbelievable I can say with certainty that the developers have achieved their goal as I’m already thinking about holding this token because I believe that this project has a great future besides that I have already taken interest in following the project

I think that now we can wrap up if you’re interested in participating in airdrop then I have shown you how easy it is I hope you watch this video before airdrop is over hurry over to the airdrop website by following the link in the description and attach comment join

And get a very nice bonus so that’s all for now thanks for staying in my channel I will try to find as many ways to make money on cryptocurrency as I can and I will definitely definitely share all with you

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✅ Dogecoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency based on the doge meme.

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✅ Dogecoin is not run by any individual company or person.

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  1. My son told me about this airdrop, looked at the video, did as he said it works, got the money

  2. My son told me about this airdrop, looked at the video, did as he said it works, got the money

  3. onemore very nice board, sub and hopefully will be get this airdrop, ty much for these video! sub!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this insightful tips! i,ve gain so much knowledge about trading! I'm so excited I've been making $7

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