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New Crypto Airdrop $DROP coin on Arbitrum – NEW PEPE Memecoin | How To Claim $PEPE Token $5000

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We are in the middle of mooncoin season and there are new coins appearing every day this one that I’m going to talk today is pretty interesting because it’s coming from one of the very well-known uh crypto heard of Chaser Mingo and he’s collaborating with a couple of other

Guys on bringing you coin call to drop where you actually can claim everything you don’t have to buy it if you were eligible for arbitrum airdrop you could claim drop for free on our bedroom this is a meme coin uh that that is running on our bedroom is using pepper as well

As its meme so it’s connected somehow to Peppa and most of the tokens will be claimed through the airdrop you can claim the airdrop as well as invite your friends to claim as well making your claim bigger as well so this is the website arpdrop.1 I put the link Down Below in

The description and this is the idea behind the token they want to basically try the novelty of actually having the entire token being airdrop to users of course you can buy always more on one of the exchanges but primarily you can claim everything and get the token this

Way for free just paying for the gas so the tokens is basically about joining airdrop communities of people who are chasing air jobs as I’ve mentioned Mingo you probably might know him from Twitter Mingo airdrop I have also mentioned him couple of times regarding to a couple of

Airdrops because he posted tweeted about multiple interesting stuff related to a various crypto airdrops so definitely recommend following him if you’re chasing for crypto airdrops and the token itself has drop ARP Twitter handle so you can also check that quickly growing Just Launch a couple of hours

Ago and this is the website as well so the drop economics or tokenomics is most of the stuff is going into liquidity pool 70 20 is going to airdrop there will be some uh seven per seven percent results for exchange listings um and three percent for airdrop

Referral pool so all together as you can see there is no uh way in the beginning of buying early at least well if you knew about the creation of liquidity pool you could buy pretty early but then a lot of the token is actually airdrop to users which is which is pretty great

So they have a discourse and they have a Twitter of course this is not a financial advice definitely uh not uh not recommending to to buy it but definitely check out the website and if you’re eligible try to claim it a really cool experiment in how virality might

Work and cool that they’re doing that on our bedroom because the gas is substantially lower than on ethereum so cool to see that also if you have problems connecting the wallet make sure that you are on our bedroom for some reason it doesn’t change automatically so if you have any problems with

Connecting or claiming uh just change the the metamask wallet to arbitrum before proceeding and then you should be able to claim without any problems for everything else of course subscribe to my channel I tend to cover a lot of crypto airdrops new coins new D5 new

Nfts and much more so subscribe and see you in the next video


PepeCoin is a new cryptocurrency inspired by the popular internet meme of Pepe the Frog. Launched in early 2023, PepeCoin quickly gained a following among meme enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors alike. The coin is trading millions of dollars daily on the digital markets, with a focus on memes and other forms of internet culture.

PepeCoin is just one of many meme coins that have emerged in the crypto world over the past few years. The rise of meme coins can be traced back to the launch of Dogecoin in 2013, which was created as a parody of Bitcoin. Despite its humorous origins, Dogecoin gained a large following and became a symbol of the power of memes in the crypto world. Since then, a number of other meme coins have been launched, with each coin drawing inspiration from a different internet meme. While meme coins have been subject to criticism for their lack of utility and speculative nature, they have also generated significant interest and investment, with some coins achieving massive price gains in a short period of time.

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