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Mimas finance is another great borrowing and lending platform that is live on the Cronos Chain! This video demonstrates another passive stablecoin strategy where I show you how to leverage up to earn great APY’s. This video is a very similar strategy to my tectonic stablecoin strategy which you will find in a link below. I personally like the MIMAS protocol’s tokenomics much better than the TONIC token of Tectonic. They have a fascinating roadmap and vision with their expansion into the metaverse. I think there is a ton of upside for the Tranquil & Mimas projects. Stay tuned for a video reviewing Tranquil Finance.
Sign up at to sign up for and we both get $25 USD! (Referral code: abj7m8489y)

Prucahse/Stake MIMAS on Mad Meerkat Finance DEX Here:

stCRO: when this launches it will incentivize CRO holders to earn yield and be able to borrow against their CRO tokens. This is an incredible incentive to use MIMAS’s platform.

Mimas Token: You can stake your mimas in locked staking to earn 150% APR plus get a cut of protocol fees, stake mimas in flexible staking for 120%, and you will aslo be able to stake your rMIMAS for 400% as of this writing, and you can also provide liquidity in MIMAS-CRO and stake your LP on mimas platform.

Find Mimas Collateralization Factors and More:
0:00 Intro
0:17 Tectonic Leveraging & How to Payback Loans
0:35 Intro to Mimas
0:53 Overview of USDC Strategy
1:25 Purchase USDC for Deposit
2:12 Calculate LTV/ Liquidation
2:46 USDC deposit
3:00 How to Calculate LTV/Liquidation Balance on Two Separate Assets (CRO & USDC)
5:26 Taking out USDC Loan
6:49 Re-deposit USDC Loan
7:34 Summary of my $1900 USDC position
10:53 Mimas Rewards & Staking
12:30 Tranquil & Mimas Metaverse


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  1. I don't understand the borrow. What is the span of time should I pay the borrowed amount? Is it 1 year?

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