NEW Evidence in Safemoon Lawsuit – Thomas "Papa" Smith ADDED TO SUIT – @Jake Paul WALLET ADDED

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Evidence found by @Coffeezilla showing @Jake Paul was paid on a secret wallet address that has now been tied back to him has now been added to the lawsuit against Jake Paul and Safemoon LLC among others. Also, Thomas Smith AKA Papa has now also been implicated in the suit. Further Charles Karony the VP of Safemoon LLC has stepped down today. Possibly to avoid being named in the class-action lawsuit?


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  1. Dude you spend too much time fudding Safemon, so effin what if there is a lawsuit it happens every friggin day with larger companies. You seem salty, as a non-investor why do you constantly put in the effort to slam them? It must be clickbait, too bad that you can't make your channel grow on proper content rather than pure BS! In the meantime i will keep buying Safemoon like so many others. This is the perfect time to buy IMO, Safemoon will age like good expensive wine once they release their exchange and blockchain.

  2. The funniest part: "I'm gonna quit being the VP of Safemoon and go back to finish college."

    Meanwhile, broke college kids are like: "…man, when this Safemoon takes off, I won't have to go to college. I'll be RICH enough to not have to use my degree to get a job!"


  3. You need a defamatory lawsuit against you. This one would have basis. Thankfully for you there is no real impact to safemoon because of your videos. You are just a maskot.

  4. As a lawyer I had a case of someone that formed a lawsuit against a perfum company. The accusation was that the girls were not attracted to him like it happened in the TV commercial.

    The lawsuit agaist safemoon is more ridiculous than the above case. Trust me

  5. “The beginning of the end of Safemoon” 😂 we’ll see what that tune sounds like once the blockchain comes out

  6. Anyone that doesn’t set a rigid 15% stop loss on their investments isn’t an investor….they are a gambler. Smart money sells at a 10-15% drop and buys back in when it falls to a 40-50% drop….and if you get it wrong and the price goes up, you reinvest in something else that’s down. Investing based on emotions, loyalty, and philosophical nonsense is gonna get you wrecked and your the one that’s going to be left holding the bag when this sh!t hits the bottom. Name any other coin that would lose value for running a V2 migration and a 1000-1 consolidation?? You can’t, because any other coin would have seen a 20-40% increase in price and would have gotten major media buzz and received several exchange listings…..SFM has tried every trick in the book and nothing is working because Tokenomics makes SFM an unattractive asset.

  7. hahaha – lots of people said from the beginning that Thomas was a liar and a scammer, the idiotArmy called us names and made out like Thomas was a Crypto genius God … we say the same things about John but the idiotArmy says FUD, they say John is the new Steve Jobs – hahahaha – u can't make this shit up , get the popcorn ready, gonna be a fun few months ahead

  8. Blah blah the end u cannot kill.safemoon and safemoon will prove not a.scam.. go back to the cave u came from and stay there..

  9. BS lawsuit is bogus and will go no where. PROPOSED class action will never see the light of day. Created to fud and damage safemoon price. Legitimate safemoon holders will never sign on to this BS lawsuit.

  10. Damn the lawsuit is the most dumbest lawsuit I have ever seen in my life… Plus apple have like 20 lawsuit, google have a lot too,even tesla and they are going great… So who cares about the lawsuit… People who did this are simply mad that they buying at the ATH… Like its called investing for a reason… That sucks but sh*t happens… I did the same thing with doge and I didn't fill any lawsuit

  11. When the lawsuit came out I was like wth Thomas is not in the lawsuit… now it's getting more interesting.

  12. Look like you have more knowledge than safemoon lawyers!🤔 look what day is today, ans safemoon still waiting for a note, or citation from the court! They don't receive any notice or notification from any court! Uhh sketchy huh sounds like more and more FUDS

  13. Thomas being added shines an entirely new light on this. I fully expect Defi-Mark to be added to the suit as well in the near future. Soon we’ll know where all the bodies are buried. Neither of whom have former federal agents as parents.

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