New IDO on Cronos Chain! (Mimas Finance) A Crypto Lending & Borrowing Protocol

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Mimas Finance | CRO | | Cronos Chain | Mimas IDO goes live in just a few hours and this video explains what Mimas Finance is all about and how to participate in the IDO. Mimas Finance is a fork of Tranquil Finance on the Harmony Blockchain and looks to carve out some room in the Cronos DeFi ecosystem. Let me know if you are taking part in Mimas’s IDO and what you’re looking forward to most about its launch! I plan on making a follow up video when they launch.

Check out my video on Cronos’s Tectonic Lending Platform:
Sign up at

MMF Launchpad:
Mimas Finance:
Tranquil Finance:
Not financial advice and as always DYOR!!

0:00 Intro
1:00 what is an IDO?
2:12 What is Mimas Finance?
3:53 Mimas Documentation/Whitepaper
4:13 What is liquid staking on Mimas?
5:10 Vision and Roadmap
5:45 Mimas Token Utility
7:07 Mimas Tokenmics
7:33 IMO Best Way to Use Mimas
8:32 Tranquility (TRANQ) Comparison
9:28 Acquiring MMF-CRO LP for IDO


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  1. Great video. The stacking for 6 months strategy sounds great. Do you think is a better option than tectonic?
    I really dont like tectonic tokenomics and honestly their token emission is crazy.

  2. I haven't chacked it yet! so is that the same process as normal pre-sale promotions?
    i reserve a certain number of mimas by paying in an amount of mmf-cro lp token correct?
    after the public acquisition of mimas tokens, can i then sell my reserved mimas directly in order to make a profit? if so, will the profit be paid out in cro?
    I ask for an answer as soon as possible so that I can still participate in time! ^^ thank you very much

  3. It’s me or or right after the launchpad over people drop the coins after 5-10 hours ?

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