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Today we are covering a new terra luna classic burn proposal that is currently live that regards a 1.2% tax/burn rate on all transactions! The Terra Luna Burn community has been searching for ways for to burn luna classic LUNC tokens! So far there is in the MEXC exchange that has the buy back and burn system for the LUNC trading pair but all of the other burning efforts have been left to community members! We also cover a Terra Luna 2.0 price update and regulations possibly coming to stablecoins in the future!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice!

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0:00 : Intro
1:05 : LUNC Burn Update!
2:18 : Proposal Details!
3:29 : Current Vote Status
5:00 : PrimeXBT!
7:11 : Terra 2.0 Price Update
7:25 : Bitcoin Bill & Stablecoins



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  2. Let's vote yes…burn lunc ,we need more validoters on board tag them on twitter send email let's go …we are all Vegas

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  5. 👆👆👆Thanks to him for getting my account activation and withdrawing my funds

  6. 👆👆So sad. Scammers are cruel, I was a victim once luckily got my $23,600 back. Thanks to the man who made it possible. Tbh he is a life saver Shaftcracks

  7. Stop guys with so many dreams, including price.
    These are the fundamentals:
    Can Do Kown mint more trillions of Luna c?

    How many Luna c is the son of a gun going to burn?

    Can we tax the son of a gun 100% now? He has at least 50% of Luna c max supply in the bag?

  8. To reach 1$ from a current price of 0.00007$, the burn should only let 0.42T tokens circulating. There are +6T circulating … game over.

  9. Let people vote, then modify proposal half way through. Is that what they will do again?

  10. Shibadoge! Saitama! Dogelon mars! Going to make many millionaires and billionaires 🤑💵🤑💵🤑

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