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Muskmelon: A platform of NFTs, Gaming and Metaverse.
Welcome to Melonverse, 10k Unique NFTs.
Manifesto Beyond Mars
The most anticipated launch of the decade.
Listed on Bibox, Bitmart exchange, Digifinex and XT exchange.

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Musk Melon is the latest addition to the world of NFTs and Gaming with a glimpse of the purposeful contributions to the real world. The platform is seemingly launched as patronage to Elon Musk and is evident on the platform’s landing page, which shows Mr Musk in various avatars. At the onset itself, the project seems extremely exciting as it creates an environment of interaction with the Founder of SpaceX with a little more involved NFTs around his life. Melon is the Native currency, which can be used to purchase NFTs, In-Game assets, and even contribute to the Ukraine Relief Fund.

MuskMelon is created by a MultiBilionaire and Influencer who is currently on a rampage on the Economic and Emerging Technology Landscape. Melon has made many fans worldwide with his vision, businesses, and support for new ventures. People from around are now seeking to follow Melon as an Idol and shape their lives in his reflection. Melon has created mini melons and distributed himself amongst various universes. People are crazy about the Genius Influencer and chase Melon across these universes (MiniGames). People would be able to create their Avatars of Melons across the world and space and even host them up on the NFT Marketplace for Auction, Bid, or Sale. Melon is on the run… You are better! Get Melon now!

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