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No More Daily Quest or Adventure SLP! – Axie Infinity (Major Season 20 Updates)

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Season 20 is going to bring some major changes to SLP and Axie Infinity! No more SLP in Daily Quest or Adventure, Arena changes, energy changes, and a talk on the economy.

For those who don’t know Axie Infinity is a game you can play to earn cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s native Ronin Sidechain and Katana Dex are bringing new developments to the Metaverse.

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  1. SLP is way up today! I will be happy if I am wrong and it goes up more, but be cautious out there. Keep in mind, everything is way up!

  2. i like this guy videos a lot but the "slp is gonna keep going down" is a irresponsable thing to say and clearly is hasnt going down at all since the announcement…

  3. Hi please answer this. I converted my 20kslp to usdc when slp price was at 0.0114 . Unfortunately, slp pumped all of a sudden and when I try to convert it back to slp my originally 20k slp is now only 13k. What should I do? wait for dump or convert?

  4. This is ridiculous removing pve and quests. Not everyone has time to grind a pay to win pvp mode. I got my investment back already so screw this game, I'm done.

  5. I think the problem here is that breeders are selling SLP for AXS in order to breed.

    If you remove AXS in breeding or lessen the cost for breeding AXS, breeders will no long buy AXS and SELL more SLP.

    ETH is also the issue here, ETH should be replaced w/ AXS, so we can buy AXIEs using AXS not ETH. Scholars are selling SLP for ETH, where it should be selling SLP to buy AXS then to buy AXIE. Removing ETH is the key and lesser cost of breeding for AXS too.

  6. I win 5 arena matches but still cant gain any single SLP….. What is the problem could you please explain….

  7. It would be more comprehensive if you analyzes the burn too. This is on the assumption that that burn rate remains the same which I doubt this would be the case. Feel like Sky Marvis underestimates the number of Play to Earn players in this game (I dont have any data, just my sense) and if the income is not there, new players will not join the game, hence less Axie demand, less breeding and less burn. Seem like they want to turn this into a Play AND Earn game and get entirely new set of players.

  8. They will never buy back using treasury, they ill let the game fold rather than give up the loot.

  9. Great vid and I agree with a lot of your points. I do think you forgot to take into account that they have added a new burning mechanism with the axie sink (e.g. lunar new year event). In theory that should increase the burn, only time will tell though

  10. only a matter of time till other nft games will build up token issuance and became over supply and then token prices goes down and then what?players will always say the same why this why that fuds keep comming and repaet all over again once new nft is booming hype it up then bring it down..😊 just saying

  11. if you think axie will be great for the long term then why worry? everyone says this so whats there to talk about. im bullish coz of the great future plan. why worry about the current when it will eventually go up. they wont waste time on katana/ronin and even the land buyers are not stupid enough to spend lots of money if theres no future on axie

    and about slp? theres a lot but it still has value. what more when burning mech comes end of q1. thats only 3 months to get more slp and maybe 1 week before removal of adv/quest. so gooluck and be strong. just my one cent

  12. Very informative and honest review! I really like watching how you discuss things. Good job man! Keep it up.

  13. It is already stated, that it will not affect that 30B supply. It is done to stop adding more to that 30B supply. They just need to stop na bleeding before treating the wound. Your from Axie bullish to full negative, I know you love Pegaxy but it is Axie 1 year ago where everyone is happy because VIS is bullish

  14. Grasping at straws calling the distribution of more AXS as a decentralised part of Axie Crypto, that's not decentralised, Axie and Ronin is a centralised project!

  15. Sigh a girl saw me watching your video and the thumbnail and said you look like a Fk boy XD.

  16. I really hope that's a temporary update, with origin will be launched they have tto bring back adventure and daily rewards

  17. Why not introduce a new type of token for the reward system once battles v3 is rolled out since it's a whole new gameplay anyway. A token which we can swap slp into, say 10 slp = 1 new token. I don't think anyone (new player) would be interested to invest in the game knowing that the token rewards he will be earning is close to no value at all.

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