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Noob To Max Level With Dragon in One Video! [Blox Fruits]

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This is lolqt10078 a brand new bacon air in blockchain now you’re probably asking why is clouds on a new account I’m glad you asked today I’m eating Dragon one of the worst grinding fruits and we’re gonna go from a level one all the way to

The max in one video all right so I already loaded up like 50 worth of Robux on this account let me go ahead and get that you know I’m saying dragon two thousand six hundred Robux damn this really never gets easy bro every Monster’s video I’m spending money cha-ching permanent dough activated now

The one downside to dragon and y’all about to see right now Heatwave beam is that it’s got a stupid long cooldown like like look at that and I didn’t even get him to half it’s gonna be crazy go ahead and gather them boys up ah yes to

Be a level one again I got no damn energy boom boom shabam and we leveled up only level seven damn and Bob crust completed we level ten damn we could already go to the next Island let me go put some points in devil fruit oh wait a

Minute wait a minute we spawned in this game as an angel damn it was meant to beat I was gonna be king of the Pirates you know what I’m saying thank you we gotta defeat six monkeys my specialty he went beam allow me to explain why

Dragon is actually going to be one of the worst fruits for grinding in this journey okay hold on this dude stealing my kill anyways you see this down here the next move we get is at 75 Mastery and it ain’t even an attack it’s Dragon

Flight the real first move we get is at 150 Mastery draconic claw that and that’s not even good waiting for a tough Journey boys for show and You’re Dead all right next Quest I think we can go on them gorillas uh you know what bro I

Actually got an idea I got an idea yup you probably guessed it boys we going to Fountain City we have found the city to fight none other than these Galley pirates only problem is we’re gonna be beating up on these boys for a hot minute a few moments later one hour later

And he’s dead there we go all right all right all right now let’s look at the Mastery roll in okay we’re still getting levels okay 23. damn I mean I knew I was smart to do this but let’s continue now ah nice level 56 we have the next Island available our

Man’s not even here bro oh wait a minute there he is yo what you doing hiding over here buggy take that heat wave beam I did like no damage whatsoever bro this fruit is terrible for granny bro boom I’m not gonna lie this buggy fight is

About to take forever the way this is looking come on no no no don’t kill him don’t kill him hold on hold on hold on I gotta be back I gotta get back don’t kill him don’t kill him oh that dude died don’t let him

Cook don’t let him cook yes sir I got the kill I got the kill he ain’t getting no kill okay level 60 already damn we already available to go to the next Island no way no way no way I just found a quake just lying here go ahead and

Store that thing and boom level 75 maybe we can go back to Desert now might be a good time new skill available finally we got Dragon flights let’s go check that thing out not a combat move but it at least helps in terms of Mobility perish

All right are we level 90. we now can go to uh what’s that place called again Frozen Village yes sir and we have arrived why the hell is there an awakened Buddha on a C1 Island that don’t even make sense all right I ain’t gonna pay no mind to it you just better

Not do nothing there we go 108 109 110. nice nice not bad so yeah we’re just gonna stay farming Yeti till 1 30 because I go live for first C or at least this early on we cannot do these mob quests so while we’re at it we

Should go ahead and get Armament hockey let’s get or tools get that 25 000 boom and I believe I have enough for Flash step a hundred thousand yes sir but that’s like almost all of my money but we’ve got Armament hockey yes sir you look a little weak there Yeti you know

What I’m saying you know I’m saying about that thank you bro how did that kill him no matter because this Heatwave aim will anyways uh we are now able to go to Marine Fortress level 132 you know what I’m saying we ready to fight that boy vice

Admiral 415 000 exp since we got double XPS 800 000 where he had where he at psych that boy right here yes sir I advise Admiral let’s see how much damage my heat wave beam does I did a decent amount you just have health we’re getting there

We’re getting there silly but surely all right final hit and he is dead Okay 38. damn that was like a lot of levels bro another bus Admiral down got to level 143 we gonna be here if I’m gonna Vice happen for a minute I ain’t going cap

Death is imminent there we go all right 221 new Quest available we was following that dude for like almost an hour felt like all right we pulling up let me get off this Marine Boat you know what I’m saying I ain’t trying to portray the Pirates now all right so since I stayed

At Marine Ford so long we level 220 I could just go straight to the warden Quest keep in mind since dragon so bad for farming we’re gonna be mainly focusing on the bosses here all right Warden let me see what you got bro let me see what you got final Heat Wave meme

My God I killed the wrong one why do I always do this that one wasn’t the warden that was Chief Warden this one’s the warden oh my God okay now the one is about to be dead with this there we go okay 223 224 and 225. now we are

Supposed to stay at prison until Level 250 but considering Dragon does not do well with Mobs we’re gonna stay at prison up until about 350 to where we could fight the magma Admiral boss all right Chief Warden you’ve allowed me to evolve to be able to fight what I

Consider to be the first hard boss of first seed all right Swan it’s wartime bro it’s war time I wanted to talk nice but you didn’t want to do it you with bib this fight is not as cinematic as I had hoped it to be because I I literally

Have no moves death by Heatwave meme yes sir 246 247 damn that was like seven levels now I just got to do that like 150 more times And all right with that we are now level 352. by the way I forgot to mention we unlocked draconic claw after five long hours our second attack move let’s go ahead and check that thing out you know what I’m saying I hit them boys with the

You know what I’m saying yeah and it deals damage the fire fire literally but with that said we could finally go to magma Village and guess who’s finnegritis there none other than Akai knew himself hey baby back up bro back up and with our new move I don’t think

He’ll snack up against us well he wave beam you was popping all that good not gonna go nah but I got a Vengeance Arc now I got a Vengeance now bro he already under half look at him Heatwave beam let me Dodge that weave that I hope you’ve

Enjoyed your life a kainu because this about to be your last breath we’re level 356. saw this dude activated his PVP earlier but little did he know that’ll be a mistake damn how did I miss okay hold on let me try to snipe him oh give me that quick easy Bounty pack

Yes sir I’ll take that 1200 Bounty anyways we are level 401 we’re now able to go to the next Island gotta go pack this boy up now we gotta go pack this boy up with the expeditious speed p-wave beam you know what I’m saying he’s about to transform soon yup so predictable

Hold Up Wait hold on hold on hold on I need more energy need more energy and I got it boom yeah he wasn’t ready for that one was you damn that boy easy pack him up what the hell that man just go is he still there no

He’s still there no way bro how am I supposed to fight him if he’s stuck in the wall do I just aim blindly I guess so after this we only have two more Islands before we wrap up the entire first seat and now finally we are Level

502 we off to the Skylands next but before we go to the sky Pier just yet there’s something we need to attain all right so the first step to do the saber puzzle is finding all these buttons I think there’s one like over here somewhere right over here okay boom

Press that one I think the next one is over here right there yep but for a fact there’s one right here boom I believe there’s one right there one right here and I think that might very well be it oh yep that’s all of them right there

Okay so now we have to take this torch and go to the desert and in case you’re new to blockchers you might be wondering why I’m doing all this we have to go through this entire puzzle I’m going through right now defeat Shanks and then after that there’s something we’ll be

Able to attain all right we’re at the desert and I think we gotta go to this building right here you know burn down this little curtain all right you take this cup right here come to this little cave right here he said a little leaking thing right there yup fill up this

Golden Child after that come over here come do this one the sick man you’re here thank you so much please with my son I’m sure he’ll reward you we’re on pirate Village there should be a rich man somewhere over here yes sir what’s good rich man thanks for helping my

Father but a mod leader has stolen all my money please find to take him down as soon as possible so I can reward you I mean I guess but you know I’m saying my hope don’t come cheat 10 million I hope you bulletproof for it it’s about to

Hurt anyways uh the uh the person we’re looking for I believe it’s gonna be like somewhere over here yep that Island right there this dude about to be easy damn we damn near one shot at that boy Daniel and we got 3 000 money for defeating them though but uh after that

We gotta go back to the rich man all right rich man bring me my money thank you for getting my money back you can keep this ancient Relic as your rewarding yeah I’ll take it I’ll take it all right I’m ready for the boss fight the man himself red-haired Shanks

But I’ll pack you up for it bro what up pack you up for it be gone red hair Chase here talk to my boy usop Instinct trainer and we’re now eligible okay so this is something we really need since the dragon is not a logia and now I got

Them Instinct Dodges yes sir I’m sorry for killing wait wait wait enabling PVP hold up hold up hello you better regret that boom boom I do not know why you did that my boy why did you do that bro like you know I two shot you bro what was the

Thought process anyways now that we got that taken care of let’s go ahead and incinerate this boy as I was saying let’s go ahead and incinerate this boy Weisberg run me them levels it’s gonna be the boss he’s probably State Farm until Water Seven all right ladies and

Gents we are now level never mind I thought we were gonna get to 625 now we’re ready boom there we go level 627 and we’re now ready to go on the final island of First Sea okay so the quest we’re gonna be farming is these Galley Pirates gonna feed eight of these things

Our Dragon Mastery is at 233 so I’m pretty sure we’ll end up getting our third attacking move from these guys here it is we finally unlocked our next ability the move I’ve been waiting for fire shower finally unlocked it go ahead and check that thing out

Let’s go let’s go boys I can finally deal some real damage look at this look at this Farmer’s gonna go easy now for show Almost There boys almost there level 677 cyborg is almost dead or Frankie whatever his name is there we go 6.99 700. let’s go let’s go oh my God oh

My we’re finally level 700 we can go to the second C we finally about to ascend to the next level this place this place is it’s it’s is magnificent we have much to learn much to grind let’s get to it man ever since I got fire shower we’ve been

Zooming through these levels bro it’s starting to get easy now oh someone’s trying to fight me okay hold on you wink hey y’all see that three out of three we packed that fool up he just keeps coming back all right we are Level 827 I actually believe we can go get a V2

Right now so you know what actually we’re gonna do that we’re gonna go get V2 right now oh wait we’re too soon the player must be level 850 or more go ahead let’s do that guys kill let’s get that one too all right now that we’re

LGBT to get V2 there’s one thing we need to do beforehand that is doing the Coliseum quest to start this we obviously got to talk to my boy Bartolo mail you know what I’m saying all right so the first part is we gotta defeat 50 Swan Pirates

And this should get us to 50. okay run me my levels that’s the first part of the quest done let’s see what he asked us to do next all right so I’ve got to defeat Jeremy the spring user forgot about that part to be honest the

Question is is that boy even here oh yes sir bro they still haven’t fixed that bug where all the bosses are bold like I don’t like looking at it but he’s bald bosses but they ugly as hell all right all right he wave beam one more fire

Shower should do it yes sir all right bartolomeo what do I gotta do tournament is back to normal go now free the imprisoned Gladiators who are jailed beneath the stadium okay so before we do that they’ll come up here where I’m flying right now remember this code

Right here we’ll go ahead and take a screenshot of and now we can go to the Coliseum all right so now we gotta follow that pattern boom why this one I believe boom this one right there got that and there’s a weird s looking thing and there’s an M looking thing I believe

The M’s over here boom now we just need f n and B okay got F and and last but not least boom we are free at last you know saying what can I say I free the brothers now that we’ve completed the Colosseum Quest we’re eligible for v2

Alcohol a Mist was good blah blah blah blah he needs me to find three flowers let’s go ahead and look for him I swear I’ve done this like a million times bro since it’s daytime I should be able to find a red flower I believe the first

Location is right here yes sir got the red flower let’s go and in perfect timing too the sun’s about to set so that means a blue flower will be gonna be found soon yeah I checked all the other areas this is the only place the

Blue flower could be oh there it is hold that say I didn’t see that first bam I got third flower literally from the first kill okay cool cool I’ll take it I’ll take it oh my God yo my peepsick he literally just ran out okay we gotta

Hurry up and get over there we gotta hurry up and get over there before anyone notices me I think he’s right over here yes yes let’s go okay Alchemist go ahead and give me my V2 I’ve enhanced your double jump ability you can now jump more times than before

With a reduced cost and the first jump will be stronger oh say less okay so that’s Angel’s V2 this jump don’t look any higher bro maybe he means a double jump I don’t look much different either I’m gonna be honest gotta be another dead Germany right here level 893 by the

Way ladies and gentlemen we are just six Mastery away from unlocking our last dragon move I’m hyped for this five four three two one last final Mastery to go this is it boys this is it our final skill we’re about to unlock it now yes sir are you ready to witness my final

Form it’s time I trespass into the domain of the Gods it’s it’s beautiful it’s magnificent I love it I love it no way I lose now but see how well fujitor fares against my new dragon Powers hi fujitar I’m sorry for what I’m about to

Do to you my boy you about to get incinerated I’ll beat him with the fire showers he ain’t ready for this one ain’t ready for this one hold on hold on let’s let’s get the status report let’s get the status report damn that boy under half already easy he coping right

Now wait hold on hold on I’m about to be coping in a second in case y’all haven’t looked at my health yes sir fire shower boom Heat Wave beam straight into this this will be your last breath buddy the burn damage kill him okay never mind there you go gotta do everything myself

On three levels from that I like the sound of that all right we here at Snow Mountain the quest we’re gonna be farming wow not even three seconds in here and there’s already a hat hold on let me see if I can kill him never mind

Doesn’t have his PVP on I don’t know why I actually hate this area so much it’s just I just find it very boring overall though I’m not really too worried now that we’ve got fire shower and full transformation like things gonna be going swiftly now boom 1008 1009 1010

Nice nice keep them levels coming all right boys we are now able to go to the next Island I literally forgot to record that part so uh yeah my bad for that but we’ve moved on to Greater quests eight lab subordinates this one’s actually even more annoying to fight now I always

Complain about snowman but whenever I come to hot and cold I realize how easy I had it in Snow Mountain bro like these guys are like look look at this look at this I mean don’t get me wrong my health is low but still and boom all right 11

50. we ready to fight uh what’s this hey buddy hey buddy I ain’t taking no chances I ain’t taking no chances I saw him looking at me like that I knew what he was thinking anyways let’s go ahead and fight smokehead bro you know what

I’m saying let’s see if that boy is here right now oh I see him I see him let me snatch that kneecaps bro let me snatch them kneecaps yes sir damn hold on hold on I’m dealing I’m doing damage he’s already half off of three booze no no

Way no way no way smoker bro oh my God oh my God easy he’s already dead ain’t no way bro ain’t no way bro it’s the last smoker run right here and he’s dead we off took our ship probably my favorite second Sea Island God damn it

It’s dark as hell in here again luckily it’s easily a farm here though boom got them boys making good progress and of course we’re gonna stay at cursed ship until probably like 1350 or 1400 just because it’s probably one of the most efficient quests to level as of right

Now almost there and we’re about to do it right now we’ve done it 1376 I got a little tired of actually just farming at the cursed ship so we’re gonna go ahead and go over to what is this ice castle from where we’re at we only have two

More Islands left before we go to third seat come on come on come on and we are Level 1401 are we ready to fight the ice Admiral except the quest 45 Millie XP really 90 million for us since we got two times on Deck our ice admins here

Let’s see what you got I said bro I don’t really know the game plan for this place really just run spam and use cooldowns that’s usually what I do and with dragon it makes it a lot easier oh okay I see you coming with some heat so

You can with some heat I said everyone but you ready for this though boom snatches and kneecaps hit him with that heat weave man he I’m he waved beam down all right weave weave weave fire shower hit him at that hit him with that claw damn Drive the dude out the building for

Real fire shower uh-huh uh-huh he’s about to be dead and there he goes nice damn that was a lot easier than I thought it was supposed to be Brad dragon’s just making everything cake at this point all right vice admiral die there we go 14.75 we’re ready to go to

The forgotten Islands and fight the last boss a second seed here we are boys here we are about to beat 1500 congratulations for region level 1500 ready to go to the next World before we do that remember earlier I was talking about getting V3 let’s go do that right

Now so let me start off by doing a block streets gotcha real quick to see what we get hopefully we end up getting something good is this some type of joke I got the worst fruit in the entire game let me go ahead and just toss that right there no

Worries though and I’ll tell you guys why in a second okay so to get V3 we have to defeat doflamingo first and uh my boy Trevor right there he requires you give him a fruit that’s uh worth one million or more belly so let’s go ahead

And give him this Quake right here y’all remember when I got that earlier in the video yep okay let’s go ahead and give that out to him blah blah blah blah let’s go ahead and give him a fruit you may now speak to Swan let’s do it now

Swan is no easy boss so we’re gonna have to really try hard for this one actually I think he’s easier than the ice Admiral so I’m not sure if this would be too much of a damn we’re actually kind of mowing through oh oh oh okay okay hold

On hold on we transformed fully damn I don’t even know why I was worried about dance one at all like look at this look at we’re actually packing them up okay hold on let me let me not get anything I get too cocky now draconic clock damn okay okay secret NPC unlocked okay

Though now that we defeated him we can go talk to the secret NPC that I just said hey let’s go talk to my boy Arrow greetings let’s begin talk to me again once you’ve defeated one of your own kinds so to unlock race V3 I had to defeat another Angel damn that sounds

Kinda that’s always kind of racist so how does one actually go about finding an angel race oh wait wait I think that boot is an angel hold on hold on hold on I think that Blue’s an angel hold on maybe we gotta oh wait I just killed him

Wait does that mean I got my V3 I don’t know if that actually counted towards my V3 but let’s go ahead and just uh just check back with arrow because I could have sworn I saw that Buddha have wings all right arrow what’s good let’s see greetings let’s begin I’m Arrow son of

Ripstream ninja I train those less fortunate than I had to channel it wait wait wait what I guess it’s IHOP server I have to talk to him again in order to accept the quest so I don’t think it counted can we 1v1 right quick please

Bro I need I need you oh his friend killed me oh this isn’t good this isn’t good I just need V3 please okay but after Rick can we do now it’ll be quick I can even help you with the raid bro no sorry oh my God okay is there ah4 there

You go there you go there we go okay with kiddo we couldn’t we kill him I waited for him to get out that raid I waited for him hold on hold on hold on hold on look at him in chat look at him in chat he said man why kill me bro I’ve

Been telling you why I’ve been wanting to one of you on you for the past 20 minutes what do you mean okay Ariel come on come come on go talk to him greetings well done I like many others okay I’m just gonna pay the two million there we

Go oh all right let me get apple out of here let me get up out of here now I’ve gotten the V3 you guys can see my wings have gotten bigger and I unlocked the V3 ability Heavenly blood so let’s go check what that thing does right there I

Believe Heavenly blood just straight up gives you a health boost like I think it’s like 3K Hills so I’m at 5 000 right now Heavenly and then it increases the Regeneration you guys can see I’m actually uh regening pretty fast all right ladies and Gentlemen let’s go ahead and go to third C

Damn we in third C baby been like 20 straight hours of grinding to get to this point bro but we ain’t finished yet let’s get back to work There we go boys less than 150 more levels to go come on 10 levels away we’re getting there we’re getting there five just a little bit more just a little bit more four three two one come on we almost there it’s the last one this is the last one just hurry up and

Die for that bad go there he is yes let’s go 2450 let’s go we finally did it I’m so happy right now bro Noob to Max with dragon this took like a whole week to finish man if there’s one lesson that this video taught me never use Dragon for grinding

in this video on blox fruits, I eat Kaidos Fruit The Dragon Fruit, and Start over on a brand new account from level 1, and reach all the way to max level 2450 in a single video

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