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October 2021 Update – Latest News on Yieldnodes, Gala Games, Pionex, Ranger, GPS Forex Robot, Weave

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00:00:50 Weave update
00:05:04 Yieldnodes Update and Latest news
00:08:28 Gala Games update and latest news
00:16:29 Ranger Ea Update
00:19:04 GPS Forex Robot update
00:20:56 Pionex update and recent performance

Here are the links to each of the reviews I’ve done for these services;
Yieldnodes review –
Gala Games review –
Ranger Ea review –
Pionex Review –


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  1. my GPS totally died on Nov. Whole thing is a scam. Theres no analysis being done. Auto Analysis is but a blind "buy" on every tuesdays and thursday at 0100 hour regardless of market structure. tp at 2pips and sl at 90 pips. then comes the x6-x7 blind martingale sale.

  2. Hi Jon-thanks for the video. Do you think its still worth investing given that theres likely to be a massive crypto crash soon? Thanks

  3. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the excellent videos! Quick question, if I was to buy a gala node would i pay in USD or gala tokens, obviously with the increase in gala this would make it more expensive?

  4. Hello Jonathan. Thanks for the video. Here is an update from my investments (many of which I became acquainted with through TradeWise):

    – precious metals: pretty stable the last year. Not really going anywhere, e.g. neither up, but also not down. I have this stock as a hedge in case there would be a big reset

    – stocks: Stock markets are again very bullish and GorillaTrades is yielding very nice profits at the moment. The month has only just started, but if this trend continues this could become my best month ever with GT

    – forex: all pretty OK. We came out of drawdown with GPS with a small profit. Currently we are again in drawdown, albeit with a smaller lot size. GPS remains profitable so far, although it is a bit of a roller coaster ride lately. I have again risen over my initial balance with NCM Signal and this system is again yielding profits. In general I will stay in forex with my investment spread out over 7 profitable EAs/systems or so …I know at the moment it is not yielding as much profit as f.i. YieldNodes, but I see it as a way to diversify over multiple investment products and, by all means, profits are still nice

    – crypto: YieldNodes and GALA games are my favourites, with excellent returns so far. I will look into the new crypto games that you suggested today (9-11). Seems like interesting investment opportunities as well

    – CapGen: I am a bit worried about the delays in coupon payments. Hope this will turn out well

    Keep up the good work. We are all grateful for your tips!

  5. I do have regrets about buying the gps forex robot, but at least only wasted the price of the robot itself. It just keeps buying at 01 or 02 at night pretty much without any thought what so ever if it's an uptrend or not, also doesn't care if it's adding to a losing trade.

  6. Where can you buy the gala coins pls johnathan looking forward to weave and what is the telegram group pls

  7. <<<<<Very informative video that you have here, if there is something I have learned in recent months it is to stay calm, especially when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Learn not to panic when things go wrong and not to buy euphoria when things go up. I advise everyone to forget about the predictions and start making good profits now because future valuations are all speculation and guesswork. The market is very unstable and you cannot tell if it is turning bearish or bullish. While others and I trade without fear of losing, others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 8.5 BTC from 2.4 BTC in just a few months after implementing trades with tips and information from Ewan Cormac …

  8. Nice to have someone like you around to do all this work for us. How can we support your efforts?

  9. Hi Jonathan

    Excellent video as usual, if there was a market correction of more the 50% in the price of bitcoin do you think this would affect yields noods and there ability to make payments to investors

  10. Great analysis of gala games. Been in for a little while now. I’m Super bullish and will continue adding until I hold a substantial amount… I’m long on gala 🙏🏻🚀

  11. Hi Jonathan you mention the Loan note is changing it returns can you give any insight into what these new reduced returns are now? Also has the company changed its minimum investment?

  12. Gala Games sounds very interesting -plus I worked for a company which surveyed different age groups on spending habits to play digital games over 365 days. – The profits were unbelievable enormous!

  13. Hi Jonathan. About Gala Games, maybe in the coming future they could decide to make Gala tokens the only ones to be used to get NFTs etc. as they did for buying nodes already

  14. Thanks for the update. It's nice to hear your opinion about Gala Games. Now frontrow at Weave. Interested to find out more.

  15. What kind of tax do you pay on YN? Nobody seems to know or want to talk about it. Will you declare it as Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax?

  16. Jon, thanks for the super update ! On a side note, which exchange are u using for your buys and sells please ? Thanks

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