OKX Futures Trading Tutorial ✅ How to trade on OKX [Step-by-Step]

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OKX Futures Trading Tutorial for Beginners ✅ How to Open Account, Deposit Money & Trade Bitcoin on OKX?
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00:00 Create account (Claim up to $10,000 Mystery Box)
00:25 How to deposit Crypto (BTC, USDT, …)
01:22 How to deposit money with Fiat (EUR, USD, …)
02:57 Trading platform overview
03:15 Chose Layout
03:36 Select trading pair
04:02 Price Chart settings
04:38 How to transfer the money to the trading account
05:20 How to open a position
05:35 Set leverage & order type
06:16 Chose position size
07:30 Display of open positions
08:40 Add Take Profit & Stop Loss
09:40 Adjust Take Profit & Stop Loss
10:11 How to close a Trade
10:40 Claim up to $10,000 Mystery Box

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