$OMI OUP staking ! Huge bullish catalyst for 100x $OMI – Double VeVeVerse land or VeVe collectible?

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A review and breakdown of the OUP $OMI staking program and why this is one of the biggest catalysts to send $OMI to new highs! There are some aspects however to be reconsidered after review

Thanks DiveJedi @Aquademy (twitter) for the spreadsheet on staking tier rewards

My VeVe handle: @Kaymo1990
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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question. But can someone explain, with all of the massive OUP OMI burns planned and the token being deflationary, what will stop the circulating supply going to zero?

  2. Year end rewards and Seasons 4 rewards received at the same time at the beginning of season 5 😉

  3. If we can "expect" all of these to be live in 12 months. At the very least we're guaranteed one or two to actually be working. That's still pretty bullish.

  4. If i plan on just selling omi when the price is right do i need to exchange it out of the go chain?

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