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$OMI Trade Update – Price Prediction 16million OMI journey

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My #omi journey so far i personally believe these are accumulation areas so I have decided to consistently DCA more – here is a update on the journey.

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  1. If we are in a bear market, I have a feeling the price may be at these levels for a period of time. So, we may have an opportunity to gather up more $OMI for a while… 2-3 weeks is optimistic, I feel it may be 2-3 months…

  2. An old question, newly brought up – do you also believe (like some of my friends that have huge OMI-bags themself) that the OMI-supply is way to high to get ever to a usd? Tell me your view please as you are very educated on this topic. I am still hold my millions, no matter what, I am just curious. Now I watch the rest of the video 🙂

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