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OPEN THE GATES!!! | Lost Relics 8 Months Status, Massive News | Enjin Coin Blockchain ARPG Free Game

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My master month with Lost Relics, YES! I finally became Master Alchemist, huge game update news, my loot… and so much more! My 8 month status with Lost Relics.

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This Lost Relics video is based on the downloadable game from lostrelics.io (version 0.1.000177) early access by codebitlabs.

My main focus with Lost Relics this month was crafting, Alchemy in particular, so I spent less time than normal in dungeons. I still managed to get some 30 legendary items, most virtual, but a single world drop and a few Gold Oaks from woodcutting in Trayl Woods.

In this Lost Relics action RPG video, I am talking about how I feel about the Lost Relics ARPG after having played for 8 months, with recent news about massive game changes that include new mobs, a new map, a new in-game emporium for blockchain items, mini-bosses and a new theme (loads more!).

I am looking into Lost Relics, an action RPG that I feel combines the best of dungeon crawler games like Diablo with RPG adventures such as World of Warcraft. The game is topped by a dynamic player-driven economy with blockchain items, that when looted and brought to your stash, are yours to keep, sell or destroy for life!

One thing worth noting about Lost Relics is, that the game is completely free to play, unlike most blockchain games on the market right now.

You can play and have fun for free, but loot items that are yours to sell for real money (cryptocurrency). Getting free blockchain items in Lost Relics is not the same as a type of free bitcoin mining 2021. You loot items that must be transferred to a wallet at the cost of transfer crystals and then sold in a digital marketplace for a cryptocurrency such as Enji or Etherium.

Lost Relics is the first free to play game I have found and enjoyed in the blockchain games category and a great arpg 2021

The lost relics blockchain item values are based on the enjin coin before the release of jumpnet, an enjin side-chain that should result in low or non-existing fees on the network making it easy and fee free to sell items for crypto.

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4 months ago

Awesome vid Loke! Always love your content. gz on all the drops and the progress <3

Potato Bag
Potato Bag
4 months ago

omg you ape 😀

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