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How I Got Scammed by CryptoPunks NFT

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I got scammed on OpenSea trying to buy an NFT. Cryptopunks, bored ape yacht club apes, all of these NFTs are becoming more popular and along with that comes more and new scams. Most are aware of the common Crypto & NFT scams going on. Now we have a new type of scam for NFTs and they really got me good this time. I was trying to but a CryptoPunk NFT and I got scammed. Well maybe I was window shopping, but I still got scammed. Hopefully this isn’t a common thing in the crypto currency world and in the world of NFTs, but if it is then hopefully this video helps bring light to the topic and helps protect you from getting scammed.

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This video will show you:
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How to avoid getting scammed with NFTs
How to Trade NFTs
How to buy and sell an NFT
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