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PancakeSwap bot / Uniswap trading bot / Poocoin / Metamask / BSC token bot

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Metamask trading bot / PancakeSwap / BSC / Poocoin / Token bot / Uniswap / bot uniswap
➖ Link to the program: https://bit.ly/3pqB0VI
➖ A simple auxiliary bot with connection to metamask networks:
➖ The bot has a Stop loss.
➖ Automatic sale at the desired price per token.
➖ Automatic purchase of a token at the desired price.

APENFT Airdrop
CoinBase NFT Airdrop

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🔶You can use the bot for free without restrictions for 30 days with a full set of functions.
🔶After 30 days, the program offered you to extend the bot for an unlimited time of use for 500$.
🔶The payment will be made in the BSC (BNB) network, the bot will calculate the required amount for payment and provide an individual wallet address.

The sponsors of this video are listed below.

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➖ Bybit bot: https://bit.ly/3Cc9BdK
➖ Binance trading bot: https://bit.ly/3z4Vbdi
➖ Uniswap & Metamamask bot: https://bit.ly/2Xk66T5
➖ Binance Arbitrage bot: https://bit.ly/3hxUdQL
➖ Binance & KuCoin pump bot: https://bit.ly/3zakFG8

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