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PancakeSwap [CAKE] Update – NEW Tokenomics – Is It WORTH Buying Now???

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PancakeSwap Update – Do NEW tokenomics make it worth buying?

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0:00 The Setup
1:00 Price Review
1:43 CAKE Tokenomics
7:06 PancakeSwap Flexible vs Locked

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PancakeSwap has some new tokenomics that were just voted on last week that might make the CAKE token something to watch moving forward.

Previously I wasn’t into it because of the uncapped supply, but they’ve since introduced a cap on the supply of 750,000,000 as well as a design they should keep more of the circulating supply locked up.

The question for me in the future is going to be, without the incentives, will people in the future flee the platform for the next shiny object.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

PS: I am not a Financial Advisor and any investment commentary are my opinions only. All trading involves risk so be sure to do your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I do receive a commission for. Thank you!



  1. Great video sir! I did not read into the new Tokenomics 2.0 yet so it saved me some time. I'm going to definitely lock up a decent chunk roughly towards this bear cycle bottom.

  2. Wallet metrics are typically from on-chain data, so it would include all unique wallet addresses created with any BNB wallet software. Another great video btw.

  3. Thanks for the video! Was curious on your take with the new tokenomics since you didn't really like $CAKE in the last video. But you recently mentioned that projects with calculators are typically a bad sign in your luna video. Made me immediately think of $CAKE. Personally having been in TIME and LUNA, this will likely be my last crypto investment and ill be allocating more towards top 2 and usdc. Locked up my $CAKE for 30 weeks and will see how it goes! Do you intend to join the locked pool? Been a stressful year haha.

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