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Passive Cash Flow & Staking On KuCoin – Episode 2

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Virus living in a crisis do you feel courageous do you do your greatness Trust me This life’s gonna Have Foreign Foreign all right all right guys thank you for waiting for the people on Rumble thank you for waiting guys on YouTube same again all right guys give me a second Rumble yes all right let’s start in a second now guys we got a very important topic to talk about we’re getting talked about

Some uh passive cash flow uh dollar cost averaging some staking on kucoin and uh let me get into it give me a second now if you guys got any questions about what cryptos or want me to review a crypto or even uh some stocks let me know that’s what this uh daily live

Stream is for cool let’s let me get the rest of it ready guys I do here we go all right let me get YouTube up all right sorry about that Rumble all right so first off guys we’re on coolcoin.com now we’re looking at some of the staking

Rewards on here first before I dive into anything else I will be covering dollar cost averaging some pot the power of dog test averages and compounding interest so if you want to learn more about compounding interest let me know guys I can do that first or a second but that’s

What the current routine I got going right now give me a second I got some people asking for the live stream link thank you yeah two keyboards going guys one for rumble one for all right so if you guys have not been on this website Cool coin is one of the biggest

Websites to learn more about cryptocurrency guys it is a very very big thing on here so let’s jump right into this right here so when it comes to the uh uh staking guys staking is very similar to um uh dividend stock basically dividend stock you own it you purchase it before

The ex dividend date you hold that stock pass the exhibiting date they’ll pay you x amount either I don’t know five percent per year it really depends on how they pay they can be either monthly quarterly annually semi-annual or even a special one and uh based on that how many how many shares

You own they’ll pay you a dividend per share and then you’ll get paid that pretty much on a fixed time frame well it might change if it’s a special but pretty much that’s what a dividend is now when it comes to uh sticking rewards very similar to dividends but you’re

Going to be owning this uh cryptocurrency and you’re locking it up for x amount of time and when you do that they’ll pay you a yield based on that in that crypto not in cash guys uh if you buy a dollar you buy uh stocks they’ll pay you in dollars you

Buy and these will pay you in uh crypto okay so let’s get right here first off so here’s some higher things on kucoin now kukon gives a lot higher earnings than other websites versus like a coinbase coinbase does give you some pretty high returns I mean I mean overall but not on

Everything I think kucoin I think I’m sorry yeah on um coinbase gives you like five or ones you can uh to steak kucoin gives you a lot more and we’ll see what they have let’s actually look at some of the higher ones bitcoin’s relatively High a wax

Divi what is that let’s check out this crypto because I talked with some of the other ones yesterday let me see oh actually check out some more right here oh they have a lot more on here Luna it’s 12 Matic polygon xrp wow xrp is pretty high 59.63 percent

Dual investment savings 2.71 Solana 37 so these are a whole lot higher than uh coinbase and a whole lot more too coinbase I think it only has five so just checking through this list guys we got a ton it’s even cover right here so if you guys looking for Passive cash

Flow this is like definitely the place to check it out let me see it’s on pause all right let’s move over to this so one thing you guys gotta learn when it comes to uh or no when it comes to um dividend stocks or dividend stocks or

Cryptocurrency is the rule of 72. so the rule 72 basically talks about how fast it double to double up your uh your principal right with the compounding interest so a good example if you like this all right just say you have uh an investment that pays you seven this pays

You ten percent so what you get to is get you have 72 divided by 10. and if it pays you annually 10 it’ll take you 7.2 years for your money to double and beside doing that a whole bunch of compounding across the board you’ll start seeing that your Investments are

Getting bigger and bigger a lot more faster a lot faster if we start compounding and if you have and vice versa vs like something really really small like say a three percent it’ll take you 24 years for your investment to basically flip over or flip can uh double up

Now here’s something about uh Power of compounding now if you guys want to learn when it comes to compounding that’s what you want you want it to compound daily or as pot as fast as possible so if you’re getting your interest uh you say hit once a year it’s

Not gonna be as effective if it’s every single day so try to find things that compound daily or monthly or a lot faster than once a year for example now we can share this video with uh what is it understanding compounding interest this instructions from visapedia I think we gotta add though

I hate their ads we’ll let that run a little bit but what I like about is like what is this compounding interest compounding interest uh calculate on the initial principle which also takes into account all cumulated interests of previous periods or of a loan or deposit so you

Can do the same thing for a loan you can see anything on a house basically that compounding interest is going to either increase and you can either pay down to get the principal lower or add into to get the principal higher so one two and we are seeing uh See by based on

This mathematical formula you guys can grow your principle a lot higher in amount of years I think that we’ll check out this oh it’s finished here a high interest savings account yes look at that compound interest is the interest an investor earns on his original investment plus all the

Interest earned on the interest that has accumulated over time oh also there are things you know like taxes or you know fees that come through especially with certain passive uh investment so just be just understand that that you might have like a 50 fee a hundred dollar fee or whatever fee

Involved in that so try a discount that while you’re doing it there’s actually uh calculators for that which I’ll go into a little bit it is easier to get interest as interest on interest to understand compound interest let’s first look at simple interest the interest earned on the original principles only

Suppose you deposit ten thousand dollars into a high interest savings account and a five percent simple interest rate for three years the interest you earn each year is five percent times ten thousand which equals five hundred dollars for a total of fifteen hundred dollars of interest at

The end of year three five hundred dollars plus five hundred plus five hundred now instead suppose that you deposit the same ten thousand dollars at five percent interest compounded annually now see that difference that compounding interest versus that uh simple interest big difference one the interest you earn

Is the same 500 but in year two the interest you earn is five percent times ten thousand five hundred the original amount plus the interest you earned in Year One so the second Year’s interest is 525 dollars in year three you earn five percent interest on eleven so that’s

What you want to find you know assets that compound very frequently this is like a simple versus a compounding one so this there is a big difference so make sure whatever asset class you get into you get the compounding effect now before we dive into some of the

Other assets we have to dive into what is dollar cost averaging so basically if you get into a stock jumping into like a uh a crypto and it’s you know say flatlining or just you know slowly building up that interest that you’re getting plus you’re periodically buying we call it

Dollar cost averaging if you’re always entering on a say monthly basis weekly basis or whatever whenever you get paid you can start stacking it up and it can start building up your position on like a uh basically on the average level so instead of you

Looking at the market as a high and low you’d be like okay I got this range of prices and I’m a range of uh entries and at these prices and I can average this so I’m get I got this low at this price I got this high right here and if the

Price to say keeps going up I have this average win for average profit so that’s what I that’s what I do when it comes to like ETF ntns or just uh Pat for stocks or even some of the cryptos like hedera uh I just every month I just start buying

Hedera once a month and uh and also have a staking rewards with it not that high not like while it’s on kucoin like mine’s like six percent so it’s not too high let’s go back to this uh I’m sorry dollar cost averaging over here let’s see

So if you guys want this article please check it out like I think uh invested that’s one of the best video stuff on this here check this one out then we got another ad but how it works this it basically it helps you build long term it does help

You and what it also helps out for like if there’s like big massive movements it doesn’t really mess you up when it comes to like the psychological way of entering the markets because you have such a built a long-term perspective and you have so many long-term entries give me one second to okay

So it basically it’s a good way not to shake you out of your trade now here let’s turn this on dollar cost averaging is a more conservative approach to investing than simply spending all your money on Securities at once this technique allows investors to commit to a fixed dollar

Amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule regardless of the share price more shares will be bought when prices are lower and fewer shares will be bought when prices are higher resulting in a lower average cost per share dollar cost averaging reduces risks by allowing investors to ease into

The market over time for example Chris buys two hundred dollars worth of stock in Billy Bob’s restaurants each month for four months in January the value of the shares drops to fifty dollars each so he buys four in February the stock is worth forty dollars so Chris buys five in March and

April he buys eight shares of Billy Bob’s which dropped in price to twenty five dollars overall Chris purchased 25 shares at an average price of thirty two dollars if he had invested all of his money at the same time then he would have only bought 16 for an average price

Of fifty dollars per share wow really good explanation on that so SNL waste and nothing to it really helps if the even if the market is going down or your asset is going down in price and just like just making a pullback you can get that pull back and get your average

Price a lot lower than if you you if you initially put in a whole bunch of money right in the beginning so just different perspectives on it I do dollar cost average on like pretty much all the stocks that I’m into also in cryptocurrency and here’s another article on it guys if

You guys want to read more about it so let’s check this out so if you want to check this out now let’s go to the crypto coupon get more into the meeting where’s One crypto I haven’t talked about in a while once I didn’t cover yesterday let’s see FTM Theta waves let’s see

Pepe no way there’s staking rewards on Pepe actually let me let me look this up because I made a video on Pepe and basically Pepe was like exploding like like it was like a thousand percent it was absolutely insane how high it’s gone like even the new it was like on the one

Of the front pages of a coin market cap and I was like why would anyone buy this I mean it’s a token it’s a meme token there’s no way that people are buying this stuff but yeah I was wrong people are definitely buying this stuff let me see

So if you actually are buying Pepe let me see Bob Pizza first why’s not letting me get into anything right I click on it and it’s not even loading up it’s just such an annoying thing here let’s do uh coin market cap and if my stuff’s going slow guys it’s

Uh just because of chrome Chrome’s like a data hog eats up everything here we go coin market cap look at Pepe quick I mean I didn’t know Pepe had what was it Pepe’s earning four percent yeah it’s not I don’t understand why it’s not running on here but we’ll see

Oh here we go oh my God look at that Pepe went up like it’s pretty much like a rocket up and then basically smashed back down and still in the eight hour because it’s only been out for a a few days I mean I don’t know why anyone would be

Buying this unless they expect to go up but to me it’s a token which is one thing but outside of that it’s a meme token light literally in the definition like you look up Pepe so if you guys are looking at staking Pepe let’s see what you guys are looking into

It’s it’s crazy this is the top 100. rank 68. holy crap looks like uh it’s not that long at all like look at this this is April 20th I think that’s six zeros like look at that six zeros and a huge push-up I wonder what social media influencers started pumping it and it

Got pushed back down now I think people are trying to see if it’s gonna you know make this push up to do it again it’s possible but I won’t see any of this like what’s here’s Pepe Pepe’s a deflationary mean coin launch that’s not a coin it’s okay see talking guys

On the ethereum on ethereum the cryptocurrency was created as a tribute to the Pepe the Frog internet meme created by Matt Fury which gained popularity in 20 early 20 uh early 2000s the project aims to capitalize on the popularity of the meme coin like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin and strive to establish

Itself at the top of the uh one of the top mean cryptocurrencies Pepe appeals to cryptocurrency community by instituting a no tax policy so it’s not too bad a retributive system rewards long-term staking and burning mechanism to maintain scarcity of Pepe coin I mean they’re on here they’re getting four percent so

I mean let’s see where some good entries would be so if we combine what I was talking about earlier to the dollar cost averaging right and it would combine it with Pepe coin let me see where’s an arrow at are they using the first Arrow give me a second

No I don’t want patterns I see an arrow there we go so we’re on the daily so what will end up happening if you guys got to Pepe you know and say hey I’m gonna get this sweet was it one percentage four percent okay so I’m gonna get that uh four

Percent so if you’re gonna be looking at interest so you’ll be like okay and beginning of May I’m going to enter here possibly enter on this low and then every say every seven days you enter Because this is cryptocurrency is relatively new and if you do that there’s a possibility

It can go up higher or you know back down lower but your goal is to you know get that passive amount staking it and I don’t know how long the staking holding is going to be that’s something I actually look up actually let’s see if uh cooling actually gets into that or

Let me see it’s more of an animal let me see hey let’s look this up staking staking cool coin no I’m not cool coin Pepe all right let’s see how long you have to lock it up for you any questions let me know guys for the guys on Rumble how are you guys

Doing and uh let’s see if you guys any questions guys uh let me know especially if we’re looking at these cryptocurrencies whoa whoa staking allows you to lock up your assets yeah we got that this means to participate in Pepe AI staking all you need to do is take pipe AI

Of your link and the number of tokens state the current apy is 50 which is pretty much a sweet deal 50 percent I don’t know if this paper AI is the same thing let me see 50 is absolutely crazy like I can’t even take that seriously maybe people are getting that

There’s no way 50 I mean I’ve seen cryptocurrencies that have even higher ones but for Pepe meme token holders okay Pepe and other meme uh coins plunge but tokens keep pumping okay I mean bitcoin’s a whole lot more stable than these other these meme tokens look at this Pepe led the

Pack with an 8 000 growth that delivered as much as as 13 million worth of profits in certain instances I mean I think the the gain for outside the staking rewards is definitely just from the uh just definitely from the gain and trading I just found out about Pepe coin too

Especially when I made that video about it a few days ago but if you guys are planning to stake that let me know I will not there’s no way actually let’s go back to the charts a little bit here I mean if we start thinking about like

You know we’re going to be staking it how you gonna enter like there’s not much info on this this thing’s pretty young let’s try a different crypto Al Gran’s been around for a while eight coin 40 let’s try that ape let’s say all right so we got ape coin right here

Eight coin has been along a lot longer than uh the other one we just looked at let’s try it was loading let’s see in a second well that loads oh I gotta log into figure out the uh staking Rewards yeah Pepe we got eight okay here we go

So if you’re getting remember become a dollar cost averaging right now we’re looking at eight coin like this thing has a pretty interesting range like it goes down from a three dollar low uh three dollars and thirty cents low to a seven dollar High

So if we if we look at like staking it or just entering periodically May 27th maybe a good thing would be like hey I’m gonna buy every two weeks so if you’re entering every two weeks you probably say you magically got that low two weeks later so that’s the 16th so

You entered two weeks probably the end of the month got in at five dollars and twenty cents it’s about two weeks again four dollars and ten cents another two weeks six dollars so you get a pretty good range here and if you’re getting I don’t know four let’s look at this eight coin

Staking Rewards let’s see how much you can get on here wow some say 41 percent that’s crazy high so let’s say I don’t know how long you have to lock it up for but let’s see I’m gonna say you did buy staking obviously against the staking with

Apecoin at least the price is a whole lot more balanced actually that here we go I mean it has dropped back down to this I’ll say support but when it comes to it guys if you got into this you’d probably be winning with a 40 over

The last of the last few months and you and you targeted heavy on these lows like you bought bought really heavy a lot a lot less a lot heavier I’m sorry a lot lighter on the six dollar range came back down about heavy again dropped down to that three dollar range about heavy

Again so you typically overall being profit if this that was the plan just kept on practically buying like that and that’s not too bad that’d be a really good setup when it comes to entering the markets like that you know I actually I’m gonna put this

On my to-do list and check out staking on uh on apecoin was actually look it up on here coinmark cap e yeah it’s ranked number 39 three dollars and 44 cents we got 272 000 watch list market cap 1.26 billion dollars so you guys want to you guys read the

Definition find out the social media of it you guys can check that out let’s see uh give me one second where’s the YouTube audience all right I just started calling oh I got uh give me one second guys all right cool so eight coins not too

Bad like I mean it to me looks a whole lot better than uh Pepe at least the chart looks a lot healthier and stuff not just like highly manipulated up but it could continue I highly doubt it though but that’s your guys’s thought what are you guys thoughts about that it’s just

Possibly going to be going down I mean we’ll see but that’s cool coin there’s some dog cross averaging for cryptos right here actually let’s look at some uh different stocks uh when it comes to dividends is to give you guys a comparison I’ll actually get a message viewers all right let’s see oh

So dividend.com once again it’s a very good website when it comes to finding dividends I talked about this in my last live stream yesterday let’s see whoa that’s super high what’s this find any company or so far let’s say Capital Southwest and if you guys got any companies you

Want me to look at let me know give me a second turn off the volume on this some technical issues guys here we go so if we look at some dividend stocks guys now when it comes to one I want to find one but we’re going to combine you know

Dollar cost averaging and the rule 72 when it comes to that okay let’s look at this right here this is find a oh Kohl’s looks like Kohl’s it’s KSS let’s go to Yahoo finance KSS now I haven’t been to Kohl’s in a long time if anyone if you guys has anyone

Been to Kohl’s lately let’s see KSS Kohl’s Corporation all right so let’s get our negative earnings per share they are still a dividend of two dollars a year at nine dollars and eighty cents let’s check the chart Out full screen let’s check the last earning reports so the last quarter one 2023

Uh q1 they missed it by a huge mark their next q their next ones coming up in May 24th so tomorrow let’s see I mean if you guys keep up with it I don’t follow much stocks I usually just you know trade with my robots on them but

If you guys check it out let’s see let’s check out the chart real quick see how Kohl’s is doing uh try later go to lines go to Candlestick let’s hit it on the daily not one month Max oh wow like like tolls in the early 1990s dang like it went up Tech

That was a tech crash went up to seventy dollars went back down look at that that’s 70 Zone 70 75 dollar row it’s like a painful time and this is what during covid basically and double top and then push back down it’s actually interesting like

I I if you look at this Crash from here the 2007 crash you’re kind of stabilized one up I mean this thing is like a very volatile stock in the last since like 2008 like a range of the last like six years eighty dollars eighteen dollars so

If you’re getting such a big dividend you know I see why it’s so high and then this is paying when looked like their dividends annual so they pay their dividends in so I think quarters actually my bad so 9 6 12 yeah so the pay they’re dividend every quarter

Let me see yeah so they pay their dividend every quarter where it’s not too bad like if you compare the dividends of this so it’s just five cents 50 cents 50 cents like if you’ve been with Kohl’s for a long time these payments would definitely start adding up and if you

Dollar cost average right you can get into some really good positions now if you guys have any questions about Kohl’s let me know I don’t personally invest into the stock I just use it as an example and you guys can do the same thing like if you want

To compare it to Kohl’s and you compare it to us like you’d have to compare it to last few months but you would have to be like okay I see that it is targeting this low Zone here at the twenty dollars maybe I can buy

One like two shares or one share here or whatever amount like yeah 100 bucks you can like stagger it across the board but you know Kohl’s I mean I wouldn’t even personally invest into it but if you’re looking at that yield then it is there I mean there’s other companies you guys

Can get into orcc let’s see it’s another high yield one we got Kohl’s owl Kronos worldwide what is that quarterly all right let’s try this broad marked Realty pays monthly 8.4 percent b-r-n-k b r m k says at five dollars to get negatives earnings per share they’re

Dipping ill I mean they’re paying 5 59 cents so 12.2 percent let’s see how that compares actually we flip back to rumble real quick let’s look at the charts go Max oh we are Max I mean this is not too bad like it got crushed they’re talking like twelve dollars

And it did a slow decline down here he’s been pushed back up to five dollars so if you got into the during the last since the end of 2022 you started buying periodically you’re doing pretty good for yourself and basically we locked in your trade to protect yourself this is not too bad

I don’t know how they’re going to recover to be honest with you I don’t know what this company does exactly what is this it’s a Realty Capital but I don’t know what it just oh wow declares monthly dividend for May what is this operates as a commercial real estate

Financing Finance Company in the United States it engages in underwriting funding servicing and managing up portfolio of short-term Trust Loans to be found the construction and development are investment or residential or commercial properties okay so I mean real estate is not doing the best right now I think real estate is

Definitely a lot overvalued but if you guys want some explosion with that so we can do the same thing when it comes to this like if you’re buying into this right here buy once a month hypothetically I’m not saying guess what to do with your own money but if I saw

The stock market I’m gonna buy once a month I’ve been paying pretty consistent three cents oh wow the dibbons actually started dropping last year they’re paying seven cents and now they’re paying three and a half cents hmm maybe they’re going to be doing better especially during the recession I don’t

Know how many people will be buying properties or getting into that so let’s see cooling dividends let’s see Hennessy CVR energy Inc what is that CVI all right so this probably my last one to check out guys if any questions let me know and thank you guys for tuning in so far

Thanks to the guys on Rumble and YouTube for sticking out with me this long hmm we got CVR guys CVR let’s go Max oh wow so they stopped paying dividends during this time frame which we got to verify that but I can see if it’s down trending hard

It could be heading down to these previous lows down here so you get if you’re in this company maybe you’re in here for a long time but at least I wonder what happened here I know this is a covid but how much is this 2.4 oh so maybe they did an annual

Like right here 2021 so they did an annual dividend here and then they went back to here so what happened here I have to figure that out but uh I mean if you into this this would be like a long-term thing you’re constantly buying this company’s been around since oh wow

The beginning of the Ryan’s beginning of the uh 2007 crash but I mean instead of paying dividends way up here that’s crazy high not too bad so there’s another thing if you dollar costs average across this company over the like say 15 years 12 years something like that

You’re probably up pretty good because you’re getting constant payments except for this part right here this down part you probably have to take some gains off by trading it but that’s just the perspective guys I just wanted to cover some things about compounding interest remember if you guys getting five percent ten percent

Just do 72 and divide 5 into 72 you get 14.4 years and if you measure that with capital gains and you know staggered accidents you can double up your money pretty quickly or over the time frame and if you’re looking at like really high cryptocurrencies like was it eight coin for example and

Getting 40 percent every period so 72 divided by you know 40. every 1.8 years you’re doubling up so that’s pretty crazy high and as long as eight coin stays relatively High then yeah you might be seeing some good gains for it but that’s all I wanted to cover guys any questions

Or comments I’m sorry uh shutting down guys and thank you guys for making it thank you YouTube thank you Rumble and I’ll see you guys see in live stream

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