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PEPE COIN Ready to pull a Shiba Inu or Dogecoin Pump?

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So this is Pepe’s chart right after it got listed on binance at this top here and the price action that followed right after it and this is Shiba inu’s chart and this is the top when it was listed on binance and this is what happened so why I’m showing you this is because

We’re going to compare Pepe’s charge against shiba’s inner charge and try to figure out what’s going on here with Pepe and potentially be looking at a massive pump up coming up for peppy coin in the following months this is what we are going to exactly discuss in this

Video here we’re gonna go into details on why peppercorn could pull up a Shiba in or a Dodge Coin move here so if we look at the shiba inu chart here we can see that this support here right after it got listed on binance here held so

Well for a long period of time right before we got this pump up here and on paper coin right now we’re seeing the same pattern forming up here a very bullish pattern and as we’ve seen on my previous video here on the weekend when I exactly predicted that papercon would

Go on a palm during the weekend and this is exactly what happened in the weekend but on this video here we have something different this is what I’m thinking on paper going here for the long term what we get for Pepe coin here is it’s going

To pull a Shiba Inu or even higher and if we look at the support here on Shiba in we can see that it held so well and the problem it was it took so long that people just forgot about it and until one day it just popped out of nowhere

And this pump here was about a 10x move here on Shiba Inu and the point is if we look at Chiba in of chart we can see that in this period here Shiba Inu was around a 2 billion dollar market cap as for Pepe coin here is standing around

The 600 million dollar market cap which is way lower than where Shiba in was back then here which means that if we get a pump on paper coin this would be much much higher than the one we’ve seen on sheep or the one we’ve seen on Doge

Especially also Pepe here is in a bear market and pulled off this move here now the question is will Pepe coin hold the support and with pepicon keep ranging here for a long period time before we see this move up here and it all depends on what we’re seeing right now in the

U.S theft ceiling as Joe Biden urges Republic to compromise Joe Biden is hoping for the feds to Pivot and stop raising rates and we have the fomc coming up this Wednesday so it all comes to this moment here as of the 1st of June the U.S debt ceiling has to come to

A term and they have to find a solution for that and this would be a very very important slaying Factor here for cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin so the point is if we see a return of a bull market and Bitcoin is looking bullish economy is hailing back and

We’re still ranging here it is very likely that we see a huge pump on pepecon in the following months if not we still have levels to the downside as of these levels here this means we are gonna go way down also this means we’re getting back into the bear Market Vibes

Bitcoin could dump towards the 20K level and this would also be a major buying opportunity on paper coin here but let’s not get too far ahead now we are playing it level by level so far the pattern here is playing exactly as Shiva inu’s chart here and if we see bullish news

And bullish continuation for Bitcoin here especially if we get an altcoin season papercon will take off this range and we could see a massive bump up so these levels here to me are very important levels here for baby coin now for the short term as we’ve seen as they

Predicted in this video here at this pump of around 30 we got some nice profits here over the weekend a nice 30 on pepecon so congratulations to everyone that took that long pretty happy with the results I’ve got on this one now for the short term for those who

Are day training this price action here as I said before this price action is typical of an illiquid market for the short term we can see that we are still putting in lower high going towards the support again now whenever something gets too easy in a market it is usually

Time for it to reverse which means that people that get too used too long in paper coin now whenever we get a dip means that it’s now their turn to get trapped and now it’s their turn to lose money the same way shorts were used to shorting every pump here and here this

Means that throughout this whole move down here all the shots were getting lazy and shorting every move up usually the market likes to punish those that get used to it gets used to one side only trade now everyone would expect a pump again from this level here I would

Keep an eye on bitcoin here I would keep an eye on the news coming up on Wednesday I would not rush anything here on on pepicon even though it’s still looking like we could get some little move up here that we could capitalize on make some profits from so far now I’m

Not taking a trade on pay pick on here I’m just updating you guys on the short-term price action as well as the long-term price action I’ve seen here keep an eye on this level here around the 14 and the 15th what I would like to see here is a spike in the volume

Something like what we had here at this dip here that I would wait for something like that to happen here something like a spike of volume with a little dip here that would be my signal to Take Along on Pepe coin as I’m waiting for some volume

To pick up during this week I’m thinking now that everyone is waiting for Wednesday’s fomc that everyone was waiting for now with the face are gonna say about the rate hikes and everything that’s going on then we resume trading I’m gonna keep sharing with you guys my

Trades what I’m doing and hope you liked the video leave a like cheers foreign

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