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Hello everyone welcome to a quick video series on how to use fantasma I specifically install fantasma wallet Poltergeist into your system in this case we’re going to be using Windows uh operating system which is what we’re going to be using for any everything related to our game called stellar game

So uh we’re going to go ahead and type Poltergeist fantasma on the Google search bar the first link that pops up is going to say wallet fantasma and we will put the link in the video description as well as in the Discord for our group stellargate once you click

Here in this link you’re going to have all this wonderful text and it will show you links as to which one to download depending on the system that you use for example you have Windows Android Mac OS iPhone Linux and you can always go through GitHub Direct in this case we’re

Gonna download for Windows since we are using Windows here on this computer so we’re gonna click here it’s gonna download it all right and once it’s downloaded we’re gonna go ahead and open our folder which is right here then all we have to do is just go

Ahead and extract the file so we go ahead and click extract here and boom we have Poltergeist here it’s as easy as that and then you’re gonna have here the Poltergeist wallet we’re gonna go ahead and double click it and I’m not gonna double click it because I already have it open but

Uh once you double click it you’re going to get this window right here in this case we already have one here so I can always just access it but let’s say you generate a brand new wallet so all you will have to do is click on the

Generate new wallet in this case we’re going to do that in the next video so stay tuned

Welcome everyone!

We check out what is going on with Stellar Gate!

Disclaimer: Nothing said on the video is financial advise. All work is in progress!!


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