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Pierre Poilievre speaks to reporters | Poilievre on his media strategy

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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre disputed claims that he hasn’t done an interview in more than 60 days, as he took questions from reporters in Vancouver.
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  1. The press gallery is literally crying like a spoiled kid that doesn't get his way. Gonna be a lot worse once we defund these corrupt institutions….. then they will see how irrelevant they have become.

  2. Of course no questions on where he stands on Bill C-13. The new federal official languages act that endorses Quebec's not withstanding clause in Quebec's new Bill-96.

  3. Trudeau has ruined everything he’s touched because he’s an unqualified, incompetent, divisive and vindictive doofus.

  4. Wish I give many more thumbs up for this man’s answers. Pierre for PM! 🇨🇦

    Let’s hope he governs as well as he speaks!

  5. Interesting to listen to a politician that doesn’t make me want to vomit everywhere, he sounds more like the NDP that I once supported and even volunteered for, which is definitely NOT the party of today… funny how things change, I never understood that all the political parties are actually criminal gangs but it makes much more sense now, the problem will come when Pierre has to pay his party back after election – hopefully I’m wrong but historically… that’s the game.

  6. Jagmeet needs to stop supporting the current government and let Canada choose a responsible government to represent them.

  7. Thank you Pierre for holding journalists who think they are “entitled “ and distort truth – accountable

  8. Thanks Pierre, we all hope that you are our next PM !! Questions asked, questions answered. Just like it should be. Come to Edmonton, I would love to hear you at a town hall, if we have a venue large enough.

  9. Section 33 of the charter , Notwithstanding Clause, gives "Parliament" powers , not the PM . Parliament should mean representation of it's citizens to advance ideas of exactly what that powers it hands over . Not the PM's without Parliament .

  10. Why would anyone want to take questions from the press which Trudeau's government bought?

    That has to be the finest question.

  11. If journalist were held to the same standards as many other professions: lawyers, doctors, accountants, they would stop their blatant bias. As a CPA I can't ignor the truth without risking significant professional consequences. Pierre for PM true leadership qualities!

  12. He has my vote – the ability to answer a question with a direct answer isn't something you have seen from Canadian politicians for years

  13. cpould someone please get this information to MR POILIEVRE.Both DOUG FORD/JUSTIN TRUDEAU are breaking CANADIAN LAW subsection 215.DISABLED ONTARIANS are receiving $497/month for shelter when the national average rent for a 1 bedroom apt is $1797/month.Under this LAW they are failing to provide the necessities of life!Put these criminals in JAIL!

  14. Thank you for standing up for Canadians Mr. Poilievre! This beautiful country is in shambles.

  15. You can tell the press is liberal biased, Pierre is actually answering questions and not speaking moistly in doing this

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