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PlumCake Finance -New Yield Farming on BSC, Ready for PancakeSwap V2

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⌛️Farms and Staking start at: 10:00 UTC May 02, 2021

★Token Name: Plum Token
★Symbol: PLUM
★Contract address: 0xde8ed8c9480ea12d050182aa99630b235de30f83
★Initial Total Supply: 200 PLUM
★Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

💲Liquidity added 🔥 Initial liquidity has been burned 100%
🔍Audit by TeckRate:
💲Buy PLUM on

📝MasterChef Contract: 0xdF0E240E0f9A6BeA4b18413808B2Ebf22A016b5D
📝Timelock Contract (24 hrs): 0x56BFA58C681B5f320EAE078Fd04e360c5cC407a9
🔒Timelock 24 has added to MasterChef

➤Telegram (English):
➤Telegram Announcements:


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  1. currently, there are many such sites in goglede, but the best I have invested in plumcake finance.

  2. I really like the PlumCake site, it's the best financial site I've ever seen .

  3. I logged in to pancakeswap and immediately invested in it, and their site is great.

  4. Awesome 👏 bro

  5. now is the best time to invest because the ad video has arrived and its value will increase.

  6. pablo, you have a very good voice and you tell the videos very well, and I'll go get plum now

  7. thank you for the video, now I will go and invest and buy a plum token.

  8. anyone who will be highly valued will make a lot of money in the future.

  9. I am very lucky to know this kind of quality site and a quality token.

  10. the video has been very high quality brother I congratulate you.

  11. I'll invest $ 2,000 in a plum coin, if it goes up 2 times, I'll sell it, or I won't sell it.

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