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Join the boys for their very first guest on the podcast!

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We had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and Co-founder of ZoidPay, Eduard Oneci! Eduard is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of
experience in the tech and marketing industries. He’s launched multiple
start-ups throughout his career. Since 2016, he’s been actively involved
in the blockchain sphere.

(Make sure you stay tuned in throughout the episode to hear some exclusive news first heard here on the podcast!)

ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant & driving adoption to web 3.0 financial services. It’s products cater to, Retail: Shop anything from anywhere with crypto, wherever VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay are accepted.

Zoidpay is ramping up some really exciting stuff for the future, including:

• Prepaid debit cards (Non-KYC) for crypto spending

• Partnerships

• Listings

• Liquidity for LKMEX, MEX and what that means: Shop Anything from
Anywhere with LKMEX!!!!

• L3: Liquidity Layer

Check out these links to learn more about Zoidpay:

• Shopping Pools Sale

• Global rollout of the Chrome Extension:

• ZoidPay Roadmap

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What a revolution, and how exciting it is to have this opportunity to participate. We cannot say enough thanks to all the hours the Elrond team has put into this project. It is an honor to support you and do what we can to ONBOARD THE NEXT ONE BILLION. 🎉💘

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  1. Hopefully Zoidpay will be everything Omisego aspired to be in the early days but never achieved. Super bullish on this

  2. I am glad to see great project and want to say thanks to creators. I want wish luck and success for ZoidPay.

  3. So you need 17 bands worth of Zpay just to spend lkmex. I’ll just take my chances with waiting until the unlock period. I’m straight

  4. By far one of the best interviews I have ever watched.
    Eduardo gave so much information and you guys asked excellent questions.
    It's unbelievably exciting what Zoidpay are doing and what they can bring to the Elrond blockchain.
    Well done guys 👍🔥💪💪💪🔥

  5. Zoidpay Chrome extension buy anything from anywhere with more than 100 million retailers one of the best utility of the project also in my opinion and my choice staking with 15% is fair enough passive income

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