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Polkadot क्या है Future ! Crorepati बनाएगा या धोखा ? Polkadot Explained genuine Review

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Polkadot क्या है Future ! Polkadot explained in Hindi | Genuine Review

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Hello Friends,
In this video We are going to analyze and talk about Polkadot, which is first interoperable Layer 0 blockchain .As we expect it can fulfill our dream by investing in Polkadot but it has so much issues in Tokenomics of Polkadot. Polkadot has its 100 parachains and it has owned opensource blockchain frameowrk tool which name is SUSTRATE, which can be very much helpful to its interoperability protocol and accept new project in its protocol . it has testing network named KUSAMA . please watch the complete video to understand the detailed about cross chain bridge and interoperability of blockchain technology which can be best solution for blockchain era.

website : https://polkadot.network/

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  1. Good information bro and regarding supply we have to think and buy for long term vision 👍

  2. I never seen a person like you. You are totally different… You are a Gem… You have doctorate in blockchain technology… And you are given a sincere opinion regarding investment… Thank you sir

  3. Sir this is great, but I think we don't need dot, even don't need btc, we only need profits to build a good wealth, so we need to see where the whales are investing ,,,,,,,🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sir apka video dekhke kab 30 mins khatam ho gaya pata hi nahi chala…mind blowing sir ap itna atche se samjate ho ek hi baar mein samajh me aa jata hai….make analysis about EQIFI defi project and make a video sir this is also under valued strong project

  5. Vai plzz make a vedio in which wallet we hold cro coin…and which chain..#cronos otherwise #cro beta…
    In crypto defi wallet… Plzz plzzz🙏🙏🙏

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