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Polygonomatic coin holders however you hope you’re doing well guys welcome back to my YouTube channel before starting this video make sure to subscribe Channel if you want to join my telegram group guys join now today gram group guys link is available in video description guys podion magic is really

Pumping very well and I’m I’m very glad to see the positive changes occur and now currently it’s just beginning of a pump very soon this negative changes will convert into positive guys so we have to wait for a little bit but as you can see here the volume is

Looking positive 12.78 so obviously if the volume is positive then its possibilities for polygonomatic coin to pump guys so I recommend to all of you to join my VIP membership the link is available in video description join telegram for free of course guys now so by the way thanks for watching see

You next video I will share the latest update related to polygon Matic on my Telegram

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In this video we are discuss about price prediction , technical analysis , latest updates and also talk about price target.

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