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Prophetic Wealth Transfer Dream – God Revealed a NEW Crypto – “Treasures of Darkness” – Fantom FTM

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This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE it is a faith-based recommendation for your consideration 🙂

I had prayed for an XRP dream but instead God showed me something new. This video is a bit long but the details from this dream seemed to have wisdom embedded and were especially prophetic. This dream is confirmation that God wants to take the wealth of the wicked and give it to His children. Some of us believe that LUNC and SHIB gains will help us acquire more XRP ALGO and XLM – but last night the dream I had showed me that FTM or Fantom is another one that God is going to use to take money from the “illuminati’s puppets” and transfer it to His servants. Perhaps FTM is a little further down the road, please let me know what you think in the comments. Please also pray about it – God bless!

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  1. Hey Mike is that limp wrist cover pose telling us some secrets? ⁉️🇺🇬 Get you some Uganda shillings while you can. Thanks for your content.

  2. Prophet Robyn prophesied Fantom will rise over $5 and Joel Ogebe prophesied it will be $50. And Ive seen several dreams from brothers and sisters about fantom. It has been one of my best picks for the future. You got my confirmation

  3. Thumbs down 👇, useless rambling. I was out within 2 minutes. Don't watch this video, it will waste 38 minutes of your life.

  4. Ya interesting…..idk what to think about that one…..I was wondering where u been … 😂

  5. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps because many have been concerned about missing out or not being able to take their money out off of the exchanges with Shiba and Luna etc… God is giving you multiple angles so that you needn't worry 🙂
    This was great though, very deep! The Lord is with us and will keep us.
    God bless you and yours 🤍

  6. Good going Michael. I watched this video this morning and that song had been stuck in my head all day.

  7. Thanks Michael for this amazing dream! I can feel the Holy Spirit speaking through you! Do you have a paypal account to receives gifts?

  8. Thank you Michael…🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐. God Bless you Brother.

  9. Thanks for sharing your dream, bro. Was a crazy dream and hard for me to follow but could have totally been from the Lord just for you, the way you'd understand it.

    I've prayed about this wealth transfer a few times, asking the Lord if it was from Him and so far I haven't had any dreams or visions at all. But how you were saying that the Lord places things into your life prophetically, like the door knobs, I believe the Lord may have did that for me to tell me about Luna classic.

    I was at a customer's house doing a measure and I smelled a scent that was really good and it really stood out to me because it smelled just like this perfume that I really liked. Because me and my girlfriend were at department stores a week prior trying perfumes out on her because her birthday was comming up and I wanted to get her something really nice. Well there was this one that was cheaper and on clearance at JC Pennies and we didn't end up buying it because it was just a cheap perfume and not really a well known name brand and I figured I couldfind something better. But it stuck with me and and couldn't find something I liked better. And then it was gone the next time we were there so I missed it. But I really liked it and the scent at the customer's house smelled just like it and it really stood out to me. So I asked him what scent it was. He said it was a wax melt and he pulled out the box and the brand was Scenty and the name of the scent was Luna. And the Perfume I had liked that had smelled like it was called Ambre Etoile 010. So I'd like to think that means I should focus on Luna and to place sell order at $0.10. Probably sounds retarded to other people but was confirmation to me.

  10. When I set up a wallet for fantom (using metamask) the lights in my house flickered off and the computer that I set it up on stopped working.

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