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Prosperity Gem Mining ⚠️ Reduce High Fees In The TRON Contract With 1 Simple Trick 🏧 Daily Compound

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Our video is about Prosperity Gem Mining Update & new Platform from Manny Delgado, but we try to cover the subjects:
-Prosperity Gem Mining live deposit
-Prosperity Gem Mining reduce high gas fees in Tron contract
-Prosperity Gem Mining compound tutorial

We have actually built up all the processes to get started in this video. They offer up to 2% daily ROI in USDT from mining in the backend, so I decided to invest there and I want to document my journey and see what happens from here with Prosperity Gem Mining compound. Is this a risky or an awesome USDT trading platform?


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DISCLAIMER: None of this is intended to be considered investment advice; it’s simply me recording my journey to attaining my financial goals and discussing what I’m up to as well as the techniques and tactics I’m employing to get there. Always conduct your own research! I’m a normal guy who makes errors, and I’ve made a lot of them so far down this road. So simply copying what I’m doing will not result in you making a lot of money. I’ve had investments where I’ve lost EVERYTHING. I don’t just say do your own research as a legal covering, but because you really need to do your own research and make your own call.
If you don’t understand what you’re investing in you can lose a LOT of money! Especially in crypto, which is super, super risky. A lot of the projects I like to jump into are really small crypto projects, which makes them even more insanely risky. Past performance does not guarantee that the project will perform similarly in the future; no one can predict the future or what will happen next. I’m quite passionate about this, but I’m not a professional investor.
All of this is to share my story since I believe there is value in witnessing my successes and failures. It is my narrative that I am sharing with you; DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and do not simply copy me. Also, all of this information may have been correct at the time I recorded and posted it, but things may change in the future. Things change quickly, especially in crypto, so keep that in mind. Thanks!



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  1. Has PGM rugpulled again? After 7 days of waiting, the CLAIM button has been disabled on my account and the withdrawal counter goes to an endless loop. I'm on BSC. Anyone here had the same problem? I tried to contact their support but haven't received any reply yet.

  2. "What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable." _Anonymous

  3. I tried something similar before, but I didn't have experience with Gem mining. With your video, I learned a lot.

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