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Guest host Sasa Milic comes on to interview me about my protocol tellor. We go over how the protocol started, what the design is, why it’s built that way and then obviously how to break it. Thanks so much to Sasa and enjoy!

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One Comment

  1. 1:20 nick fett intro (college, ron paul, austrian economics, bitcoin)
    4:20 tellor origins (writing early derivatives contracts on ethereum)
    5:50 the state of blockchain oracles back in 2017
    8:23 funding
    12:28 how does tellor work? (high-level overview)
    21:22 historical examples of incorrect data or disputes?
    25:17 oracles & subjectivity
    28:53 dispute mechanism fees
    32:10 liveness
    33:48 who votes in disputes?
    38:30 monetary policy
    46:20 cross-chain migration
    53:26 crypto-economic security
    56:45 historical examples of "parameter tuning"
    1:00:54 registering new queries / data types
    1:02:29 how much money do reporters make?
    1:04:43 what's the tellor reporter community like?
    1:06:00 getting rid of dao governance
    1:08:08 the merge
    1:09:53 future research
    1:13:33 "partnership" posts 😂
    1:14:47 addressing rumors 😲

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